Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother’s Day - Part 2

Mother’s Day was another gorgeous May day. Ken made breakfast for me. Mike made breakfast for Jackie.

And big-brother Kenny read Alan the riot act for eating chips and soda for breakfast

Jackie opened hand-made Mother’s Day gifts from her kids.

The invasion soon began with all of Ken’s brothers and sisters, there kids, and grandkids---probably about 60 in all.

They ranged in age from new 4-month old baby Cyril Knuffman.

To Uncle John, age 94.

And Ditka and Sox had no lack of new friends.

….frolicking with little Isabella

….and Erin’s dog, Brody.

Michael, as the oldest brother, lead the before meal blessing…

...and then it was time to dig in!

Besides Mother’s Day there were other things to celebrate as well…

Erin’s graduation from University of Missouri with a Marketing degree.

Jennifer brought her fiancé, the new David in the family, for his first introductions to the Frericks clan.

Most of the day was spent just kicked back enjoying the lovely day and family time together.

…Kenny listening to the sage advice of big sister, Kay.

…Lydia blowing bubbles

I even got all the brothers and sisters (Jane not in attendance) together for one shot in front of the picture of Dad in his 1931 Chevy.

After a supper of leftover goodies and deer brats courtesy of brother David, Ken and I packed up and headed back into Quincy.
We stopped at the dump station in Gardner Park and after settling 'Baby' in to her weekday parking spot headed home.

It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, with wonderful weather, wonderful family....

Hugs, C


Anonymous said...

Looks good, Thanks for posting the pictures, Joe

Melissa said...

Hey, where's the award for the person who traveled the farthest to participate in the Mother's Day festivities???