Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Sea Eagle Has Landed!

Monday July 2, our SeaEagle 395PS arrived, general delivery and free shipping, 6 days after ordered. We were pleasantly surprised with that turnaround since it meant we could check it out, figure out its positioning in the RV storage compartments, and have it along for our trip to Sycamore, IL. this weekend.

After dinner, Monday evening, we were able to very quickly unbox and put together the boat in our garage to insure that everything was operational.

I did all the inflation with the foot pump and was surprised how quickly this little pump had this big boat ready to go. Each side inflates separately. I think it will take a little experience to know from the ‘thump’ test when we have fully and evenly inflated. We ordered the ‘pro package’ which has upgraded seats, paddles, and a storage tote for the bow.

Since it is so quick to inflate, we probably will seldom have need to carry it inflated but it is lightweight enough for Ken and I to put on top of jeep. Obviously if do put put in on top of jeep, the storage tote will have to be unhooked first if we want to see to drive!

Stay tuned. We’ll be taking her on her maiden voyage this weekend.

Hugs, C

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