Monday, March 3, 2008

Dilemma Revisited and Resolved

As some of you may remember Luke and Lindsey gave us a Sailor Jerry Girl for Christmas. Their thoughtful gift caused some consternation in that we had to decide if we would replace Homer with Sailor Jerry Girl. (See the January 27th blog) During our first year of RVing Homers' words of wisdom have enlightened us when ever we pushed the button on his foot. His most fitting words of wisdom were: "feelin' stupid, I know I am." It is because of his infinite knowledge and appropriate timing that I was reluctant to remove him. So the decision was made. Sailor Jerry Girl would be place on the dash in the jeep.

So one day a couple of weeks ago I took the Sailor Jerry Girl out to the jeep to see where she would ride. I tried to get her to stick to the dash with an assortment of adhesives but it was as if she were saying "ain't no way I'm riding in the jeep when Homer leads the way in the RV." Here we go again! What is a guy to do! A pretty face vs. only a face his mom could love!

Then it came to me. My mom always told me that you could draw more flys with honey. (I never did understand why you would want to draw flys) Anyway, when the weather got warmer, I made a base plate for Sailor Jerry Girl and fasten her to it. I told her it was a pedestal. Then I set the pedestal on the dash so that the courtesy lights put her in the spot light when ever anybody opened the door. That did it! The pedestal and spotlights worked, she was finally happy in the jeep.

Dilemma resolved!

Ken F.


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