Thursday, October 23, 2008

Homecoming: SEMO at EIU

This weekend was homecoming at EIU. As usual we camped at Fox Ridge State Park and drove the RV into town for tailgating. We did get to see a very small portion of the homecoming parade as they blocked the main street through town. They did a nice job of balancing the parade and traffic. They took turns blocking traffic for a section of the parade then they would block the parade so traffic could move.
This is one of the local high school bands.

Tailgating! It gets better every game!

More and more of Trevor's and Kevin's friends are coming to tailgate with us.

The EIU marching band has been marching through the parking lot before the games this year.

The Blue/Gray Man came to this game!

The students were really into this game and made a good showing!

Trevor again was given a clip board to chart the defense. Notice the pencil behind the ear.

Again, this was a frustrating game. We did win but only by three. This is a team that we should have at least doubled up on. They just got by Indiana State, a team we beat earlier by 38 to 3. Again, it seemed like we had no fire for most of the game. There were times that we played hard and looked good, but most of the time it looked like we were doing just enough to get by. That's not going to work when they play the good teams. One explanation that I heard that might have some validity is that EIU plays better against the teams that use the "spread offense." I hope this is true because that is the offense that most of the remaining teams play.

Sunday morning the guys came out for breakfast.

They brought Rambo with them. Rambo is a pit bull that they rescued when a student left school and left the dog behind. Rambo is one of the best behaved dogs I have ever been around. Hopefully the boys can find a good home for him.

Trevor's leg was reevaluated before this game. He had hoped to start playing this weekend, but was told it would be at least two more weeks. Since he won't be playing and Cindy is getting low on vacation time we will forgo travailing to the Eastern Kentucky next weekend. After EKU there are two more home games and two more away games. The last game of the season is in Cookeville TN. and is the weekend before Thanksgiving. By saving Cindy's vacation time we might be able to use that whole week to take our time traveling back through Tennessee and Kentucky, before meeting the boys for Thankgiving. Maybe?

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