Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our First Visit to David’s Frankford Farm

***Note: you may want to go back a few posts...we've had to do some catching up so have done several postings in a few days***

On the weekend of May 16th we planned a Frericks Brother’s weekend at David’s farm in Frankford, MO. Brother Alan was not able to attend.

Ken was ready to go late Friday afternoon. The weather was not looking so great but he and brother Michael were on the phone assessing the situation. I called shortly after to say there was no way I wanted to drive through 50mph winds and thunderstorms to sit inside all night. By the time Ken called Michael back he and Jean had already decided to risk the weather and were on their way on the 45 mile journey.

We both made the right decision. They arrived at the farm about 10 minutes before the storm hit, just enough time to get setup outside before the worst of it hit. Brother David and his Cindy were driving up from St. Louis and were coming through Bowling Green about the same time they had tornado warnings in that area so Michael and Jean had set out the worst of the storm on their own. Since we would have left after Michael, we would have still been driving in to the storm so I’m really glad we waited to leave until Saturday morning.

There was room behind the farmhouse for Michael’s 5th Wheel and our motorhome.

We did a community lunch of burgers on the grill and then Frericks boys loaded up to take a tour of the property.

We in-laws stayed behind for the tough job of catching up on all the family adventures and gossip.

Saturday night all 6 of us piled in to Michael’s truck and drove some scenic but rugged back roads to the Catholic Church in Perry, MO. By the way, does anyone know who in Perry Missouri would have put in Michelle Duesterhaus’ name under the prayer intentions? Man, it’s a small world!!

After a 25 minute mass (they are nothing in Perry if not efficient!!), we went over to Mark Twain Dam to eat at Rustic Oak Cabin, as advertised the ‘best food by a dam site!’ and as usual it stayed true to its reputation. We had a great meal and then headed back to the farm.

The guys had gathered wood for a campfire and so we enjoyed a perfect night under a sky overflowing with stars.

Sunday Ken did some of David’s deer brats on the grill, then we all took our time packing up for the trip home.

A really great Frericks’ Brothers weekend….Alan and Nancy you were missed!!
Thanks David and Cindy for the hospitality!

Hugs, C

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