Monday, July 27, 2009

Thursday – Travel Day

*** We were away from wifi for several days so you might see several of my backed up daily posts all at once so check older posts too! ***

As we ease in to this new lifestyle we also seem to be working our way toward the fulltimer’s Rule of Two’s:
Driving no more than 2 hours, arriving by 2pm and staying at least 2 days.

While the trip from JEPC to Charleston was more like 3 hours, we did arrive before noon and do plan to spend at least 2 days.

Since Trevor lifted at 10am and had class at 4pm, Ken had a limited window of opportunity to get in a practice round of golf with him.

We arrived at Fox Ridge State Park, which is beginning to feel like our home park, at about 10:30am and selected site 38 since it’s close to the shower house and has plenty of room for the dogs. We did minimal set up and then were in to Trevor’s house by 11:30. We took Trevor and Chris to Lincoln Garden’s for a quick lunch and then I left Ken with them and returned to the RV.

My sunburn had made it really tough to sleep the night before so my intent was to take a nap. I set up the awning, the outdoor chairs, and grill, scrubbed the picnic table to put out the table cloth. I took the dogs for a walk and then went inside to nap. Unfortunately, I’d been piddling around with the other stuff long enough that I no more than laid down when Ken was calling me to pick him back up!

After their class (Chris and Trevor are both on similar MBA tracks and so have a lot of the same classes), the guys brought out TBone steaks to do on the grill. Ken bought some firewood and we had a nice pleasant dinner at the campsite.

We all called it an early night since the guys had a 6am team run scheduled the next day.

Hugs, C

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