Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keeping Amtrak in Business!

Still catching up on posts after extended time without my laptop!!

One of the new activities in our lives are frequent trips to and from the Amtrak station.


Trevor seems to find it difficult to be away from Leah for more than a few days at a time.  Since both live close to Amtrak stations it makes good sense for them to use the trains instead of do the 500 miles round trip in the car.

When Leah was here in early June, the four of us took a drive down to Hannibal.


We gave Leah an ‘overview’ of America’s hometown from Lover’s Leap.

Although we didn’t buy anything, we had lots of fun exploring the shops on historic Main Street.



They have a large Native American store where we always enjoy browsing.

Trevor’s pretty sure this is the hat he needs when riding range on his future buffalo farm.










Leah found this samurai sword.  That might be one way to keep the big guy in line, Leah!!










Leah as a butterfly!!







As usual with the Frericks’ family, the explorations wouldn’t be complete without trying out a new restaurant.  This time, Ole Planters Restaurant on Main Street.IMG_0303 

This is a family restaurant with homestyle cooking.  It was good, the bbq brisket, in particular, but we will probably go to Riverview Cafe at Sawyer’s Creek next time instead since it has a wonderful view over the river and is now operated by some folks that we know do a great job at their Rustic Oak Steakhouse at Mark Twain Lake. 

With the exception of breaks like this one, Ken has been spending most of his time on the upstairs remodeling.


The hardwood floor in the master and hallway actually went pretty fast.  Here’s a couple of shots of the finished master bedroom.

IMG_0317 IMG_0319 

I’m quite pleased.  The dogs are not.  Every once in a while, it looks like Sox goes in to some kind of spaz attack just trying to keep her footing on the floors!

We decided that before moving our clothes back in to the room it was a good time for a clean-out day.  Ken and I did a purge of clothes and ended up with all of this that can go to Catholic Charities.

IMG_0321 IMG_0322

We’d done a similar purge last year before we moved out of the master bedroom but as we move more in to the RV lifestyle there are more and more items that just don’t get use.  I’ve now gotten to the point where I can keep all of my clothes in the master closet without moving things in and out between seasons.  It makes a big difference as I get rid of all of the suits and formal clothing.  Of course, if we decide to move in to only the RV, we’ll need to purge twice this much again!!

Well, I’m caught up now with my posts.  It’s Tuesday morning, I’m enjoying my morning coffee on the deck after spending our first moved back in to our master suite.

Ken is making his plans on how to kick off work in 2nd floor bathroom #2 while I work on putting together my Fiesta Chicken crockpot recipe. 

I’ll need to get myself dressed and presentable for the day though because it will soon be time to pick up Trevor at the train station, again!

Hugs, C


Jim and Dee said...

Ken, great job on the floor! I think you ate where we were SUPPOSED to have eaten when we were with you guys. Wonderful to see you posting and having a connection again.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Nice job on the floor! It looks great!