Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Update #2 – The Cookie/Candy Tradition

For those who have been long-time followers of our blog, you know that one of my favorite Christmas traditions is making Christmas cookies and candy with my sister Kathleen’s family.

Below are all of Grandma Kathleen’s little helpers.


These are her youngest 7 grandchildren with 4 adult grandsons who have outgrown the cooking part of Christmas Candy day although they seem to all appear once it gets to be the ‘eating’ part of the day!


My niece, Sheila, supervised icing and decorating the Christmas-shaped sugar cookies.

Below, we added one more ‘sweet’ to the table, my god-daughter, Deanna’s newest addition, Abigail, now 6 months old, and making the most of getting her hands on those candied pretzel sticks.


This year even my nephew, Steve, got in on the act, trying to instruct his daughter, Stephanie and sister, Sheila, on the finer arts of toffee making—NOT!! Once again it took 5 batches of toffee before we had 2 batches that we judged worthy of keeping.


Below you can see the finished products, so many cookies and candies, that we couldn’t find enough space to put them all.


Another great day of holiday sharing with family! Kathleen is very blessed to have all of her children and grand children living in Quincy. I’m hoping that Jenni and Leah, though out-of-town, might get to make the trip to join in on this holiday project next year.

Hugs, C


John and Sandy said...

Wow the candy/cookies look great. What a great thing to do together as a family. Merry Christmas to you, Ken and your family.

Doug & JoAnn said...

What a wonderful tradition! Merry Christmas to both of you! Hope to see you soon in sunny Arizona!