Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beaver Dam, Bathroom Remodel, and Memorial Day


May was highlighted by camping at Beaver Dam while working on Kyle and Jenni’s bathroom and a Memorial weekend in Marion Illinois.


This is site 4 at Beaver Dam and my brave morning visitor.  Site 4 is behind the host site and is one of the more secluded sites.  However, because it is near the host site there are more rules to observe, so the host John and Dave were fond of telling me. 


The purpose of this trip was to remodel Kyle and Jenni’s bathroom. It was more complicated than we first thought.  I had to move the sink vent and replace the sub floor under the stool before doing any other work.  Jenni and Kyle pitched in when ever they could. 


Jenni painting trim…                                       Kyle getting ready to paint….                     Kyle and I telling Cindy “we are busy”



The finished product!  Jenni has good taste!  She picked the colors and cabinets then added nice accent pieces! 


Memorial Day weekend went as a group in the RV to Marion Illinois to see Erin Casey and their new baby.   They invited us to their house for a pool party on Saturday.  Thankfully the camera was not allowed so there is no evidence of any of us being seen in bathing suits. We did have a great time visiting and cooling off in their pool!


Sunday we went to part of the southern Illinois wine trail.  We only made it to two wineries before calling it a day!  The first winery was called Walkers Bluff and is so new that they are not producing wine yet.  They picked the area they did only after studying the microclimate to determine that it had a similar climate to Spain and parts of Italy.  They hope to produce wines of a similar quality as the wines produced in those European areas. 


Walkers Bluff is very nicely done.  They have a 4 star restaurant plans for a 4 star hotel, the winery, and an outdoor concert area.  The concert area is booking big names like Sheryl Crow and Charlie Daniels Band.  They have dug their own wine caves for storage and for entertaining.  They have spent big bucks in the middle of nowhere trying to do it right! I hope they are successful. 


The second winery we went to was called Blue Sky.   We ate a mid afternoon lunch here with a couple of bottles of wine.  They had won several awards for their wines.  

Also you can tell from the pictures below that we enjoyed are time here!




These wineries are remote as you can tell from the picture of the road back to Marion and dinner!


One last picture!   Stahley is watching Kyle’s plate to make sure she gets any leftovers!




Tumbleweed Dee said...

Wine, did you say wine? We found some great wineries in KY that were way out from nowhere, curves and hills was fun.

Thanks for the post.

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Rosalinda Rudloff said...

Is that your RV in the first photo? That’s pretty huge. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a Class A motorhome, right? Mine is just a Class B motorhome, but I like how spacious it is. I’d love to see the inside of your RV!

Birmingham Rotten Wood said...

Wonderful, love the tile in the shower, in fact it is the same we used in our shower at the top....
Very lovely!