Monday, October 29, 2007

"And now for something completely different….."

This week we are doing something completely different. Ken is writing the blog, baby and the furkids are staying home, and we are driving the Audi to Nashville for the Tennessee State game. Whoa that is different!

Baby in her space all by herself.

Baby has been bad. She has been wearing me out on longer trips. My limit for driving baby seems to be in the five to six hour range. She likes to move side to side with any distraction, whether it is a passing truck, a gust of wind, or a roll in the road. I have done some research and she will get some corrective therapy next week. Since we will be staying at campground Fairfield and campground Drury Inn we also had to leave Sox and Ditka behind.

The sign welcoming Sox and Ditka to their weekend home.
The kennels

We had planned to leave early Saturday morning as the game was set to start at six. However, just a couple of days before the game we got word that they had moved the game time to four o’clock. They did this to accommodate the NFL since we were playing on the Tennessee Titans field and they were hosting the Oakland Raiders the next day. We changed our plans and left Friday after Cindy got off work driving to campground Fairfield in Mt. Vernon IL. There we stayed in site 208 which was a well shaded space with a king bed and an exhaust fan in the bath. I mention the exhaust fan because of my sour stomach. It made our stay much more pleasant. We slept well and were off in good time in the morning.

While parking at campground Drury Inn, the Sobel’s drove in. They are the parents of Jeff Sobel one of Trevor’s team mates and all around good guy. We claimed our campsites and after a short breather headed off to the stadium.

The game was held at LP Stadium where the Nashville Titan NFL team plays

The field was beautiful and real grass for once!

Nice jumbotron and great loudspeaker system

Trevor, #65, coming onto the field

Biker's provide a special entrance for Tennessee State

This game was the second annual Biker’s Classic. There was a bike show prior to the game with awards given during halftime for the best in show bikes in the various categories. Also the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club donated $15,000.00 to Tennesse State.

The Buffalo Soldiers group watching the game

It was an exciting game, yet typical of how we’ve been playing lately. During most of the games this year we have been turning the ball over in the first half and letting the other teams either stay close or take a half time lead and we did it again this game. We won on a game ending field goal so we were able to leave the game happy.

Trevor pushing his way through the O-line.

Final score, we win!
After visiting with Trevor and the other players we had planned to go out to eat with the Sobel’s. However, it was Cindy’s turn to feel bad. She was nauseous and in no shape to go out. So we stopped for a quick bite on the way back to our campsite before wrapping Cindy in blankets and tucking her in. Within 5 minutes of laying down she was asleep. Since we were in bed early it was no problem to get up early.
We happened to meet the Sobel’s during breakfast which was very pleasant as we enjoy their company. As we left the hotel we drove along the interstate with several Raider fans and then past the stadium where people were already filling the parking lot to start tailgating. It was a nice drive Sunday morning. Traffic was relatively light and moving between 75 and 80 mph. and we were getting 35 mpg. Then it was my turn. I started to get what Cindy had.

We seemed to be about a week early with the fall follage

It was still a beautiful day and we made good time. We were able to stop in St Louis for a late lunch, and still get back in time to pick up Sox and Ditka before the kennals 6:30 close.

After settling in for the evening Cindy got on the computer to see what was happing on the RV Dreams web site. She learned that we had just missed two other couples that she wanted to meet and that one of them had their sons at the game. It is a small world.
That was a completely different kind of weekend!


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