Monday, November 5, 2007

Eastern's Bye Week But We Still Have Football

Sorry Alan no pictures this week!

Even though it was Eastern's bye week we got to enjoy a good football game. EIU did not have practice on Friday and none scheduled again until late Sunday afternoon, so Trevor came home for the weekend.

After a big supper of roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy (yes I made gravy!), Trev went out with friends (driving my jeep, of course) while Cindy cleaned up and I rested. I had a tooth pulled and was given antibiotics prior to its removal and they caused a flair up of my Crohn's disease. I had been passing blood earlier in the week and had not yet recovered. As long as I take it easy and rest when I need to, I will get back to my lovable self soon.

Cindy had several things that she needed to get done. Being on the road like we have been the last few weeks it did not leave her much time to do things like shop for fall/winter work clothes, and get her ring fixed. She does not care to shop so she only does it when necessary and thank you Jesus, I did not have to go along!
Instead, Trevor and I left to go see his Alma mater's playoff game in Bloomington IL. Quincy Notre Dame was ranked 4th and were playing the number 1 ranked team in their division. It was a beautiful fall day with temps in the 60's but with a brisk wind. QND fell behind 21-0 to the smaller and faster Bloomington team and most of us thought the game was over. But late in the third quarter QND's size began taking a toll on Bloomington's smaller players. They were able to start moving the ball. QND scored then stopped Bloomington, then scored again making it 21-14 with 1:48 to go! Everyone knew QND was going for the on side kick and they did. They lined up like most teams do for an on side kick but the player beside the kicker kicked the ball catching the Bloomington players by surprise with the direction of the kick. QND was able to fall on the ball giving them a chance to tie the game. After two long runs and time running out it was time to throw for the end zone. It was the story of mighty Casey at the plate. Bloomington intercepted the ball on the one yard line. Ah, but it was a great game, nobody quit and both teams played hard right to the end.
While at the game Trev got to see some of his old team mates, including Spoon who was the number one running back when Trev was in high school and Big Jack who is now red shirting for the Illini. Also several of his team mates from Eastern were at the game.
When we got back to Quincy we were going to have a nice home cooked meal but with her running Cindy ran out of time so we went to the "ranch" (a local Mexican restaurant) for a nice supper and conversation.
Sunday morning, I fixed the traditional fried potato, sausage, and egg breakfast for everybody. Trevor needed to be on the road by 10:30 and Cindy and I left before him to be at Church by 10:00. It was nice to go to Unity again. I know it sounds corny but I really enjoy the "warm and fuzzy "feeling of going there. It takes a few visits to relax enough to achieve that feeling, but it is worth it. We went to the annex after services to see how everyone was doing and have some coffee and pie.
After we got home we did some chores, taking care of some neglected yard work and moving plants in for the winter. Then I went in to watch the football games with my eyes closed while Cindy went to the public library to get some books.
All in all a nice bye week. KP

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