Sunday, November 18, 2007

2007 11 17 Trevor Scores!!

This was a really fun weekend!

It started out as is becoming practice for our Charleston weekends. Ken picks me up in Baby at GD employee parking lot at lunchtime and we head straight out from there to Trevor's house.

It was really windy, which also seems to be the norm for the days we travel, but with the new steering controls Ken could still comfortably drive 60mph.

The other Friday tradition, feeding some of Trev's fellow teammates had a slight twist this week.

Since the wind was making it a bit nippy outside, we improvised and set up in the shed behind the house, next to where we park the RV. It worked out really well and we certainly didn't have to worry about the ice cream atop the pie melting too quickly!

It was also really nice that Kyle was able to make the drive down from Dekalb and arrive in time to join us all for dinner.

As usual, the guys entertained us with various renditions of their adventures since last time we were together. Including the excitement of the flight home from Alabama when their charter plane that required 6500 foot for landing touched down on the 6000 foot Cole County airport runway. Sometimes I think Mom is better not knowing these things!

The guys surprised Ken and I with a EIU MVP T-shirt they had autographed, thanking us for the Friday evening suppers and making all their games. That really meant a lot to us!!
The guys shot some pool up at the house and called it an early evening as is usual the night before a game.

Kyle, Ken and I moved the RV over to the EIU Panther Club parking lot at 10:00 am. It was a quieter than normal tailgate since the students were off were Thanksgiving break. But, the weather was gorgeous, and the food outstanding, especially the turkey that Luke Larson, Pug's brother, made in the deep fryer.

It was Senior Day so all the 4th year players were escorted on to the field by the parents where Coach Spoo met and congratulated them. Here's Trevor's good bud, Don-Don being escorted on to the field.
Unfortunately Coach Spoo suddenly took ill during the game and we found out he was taken to the hospital. The guys are all concerned since Coach has had some serious health problems these last few years. Of course, Coach Roc, is really good and can step in quickly to take the lead.

It wasn't long before we were releasing the blue balloons signalling the first EIU score. 'Mola' broke free in our first offensive series for the first touchdown of the day.
Trevor had a really great game.

Here he is being congratulated by Tim Kelly #90, and Rashad Hayne, #26. Trevor had just blocked a field goal that Rashad then ran in for an EIU touchdown.

(Note: 2 photos above from
Then at the end of the 3rd quarter, after an Eastern punt, Samford was pinned close to the end zone. On their first offensive play, Trevor was tackling the ball carrier in end zone when he attempted to throw the ball away. Trevor pounced on the ball thinking it was a fumble and everyone thought it was a touchdown. However, the referee through a flag. The ruling was that the offensive player had made an illegal forward pass. Therefore, it was ruled a safety. Nonetheless, it was the first time Trevor ever scored.
All in all, it was a convincing win EIU 33 Samford 10.
Trevor and Kyle both had smiles on their face knowing we were now going to spend Thanksgiving weekend at a playoff game as with this win EIU would be one of the top 16 ranked teams in the nation.

The housemates all posed for us since this is there last home and regular season game together.
As usual, I'm finishing this blog on the drive home. We've stopped at Siloam Springs State Park dump station. Trevor has sent us a text message to say that that the NCAA just announced the playoff brackets and as #13 nationally, they will be playing Southern Illinois at Carbondale next Saturday.
That's awesome since we will have Thanksgiving Friday and Sunday then for travel! We'll have at least one more week of football travel with Baby!
Stay tuned, we'll be back with a long Thanksgiving weekend of football and RV adventures!
Hugs, C

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