Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Boys Are Home!

The boys came home last weekend. Kyle was home because Northern Illinois was shut down due to the shooting there. Trevor was home to play in a euchre tournament. Kevin came home with Trevor to be his partner in the tournament. We consider Kevin part of the family also!

Kyle, Trevor, and Kevin..notice how Kevin's head almost touches the top of the door!

Kevin and Trevor were both recruited and signed as full scholarship players with Bowling Green State out of their high schools. After spending a year and a half there neither Kevin or Trevor could take it any longer and transfered to EIU. Again, as full scholarship players. If my memory is correct, all but three coaches left that year and twenty plus players. They lost a lot of good people. After transfering Kevin became a starting offensive linemen and won the Ohio Valley Conference New Comer Award at that position. Trevor plays defensive line and has been playing with a lot of pain due to a shoulder injury. He had surgery in December and won't be released for full work outs till June. Kevin wears number 75, while Trevor wore 65. As of today Trevor was assigned a new number, one more fitting the defensive line: #99. They have been through a lot together and are good friends because of it.

Big boys need to eat big! So as soon as Cindy got home from work I had supper on the table for them.

Feed Me!!

I had experimented with supper. Probably putting my life at risk! Salmon was on sale and I knew all the boys enjoyed salmon on the grill. That is how I usually fix it, but our grill does not get hot enough on really cold days. I decided to try something different and put the salmon in the oven. Now you just can't put a good looking piece of fish in the needs to be dressed up a bit. So I also bought some fresh parsley, and sweet peppers. I mixed them with olive oil, and garlic cloves, and pressed it into the top of the salmon before baking it. It turned out really nice with good flavor, except a little dry. I also fed the boys yellow and green zuchinni squash mixed with mushrooms, onions, garlic, and sweet peppers, and some whole wheat rolls. Probably had too much in the way peppers and onions but like I said I was experimenting and before anyone left the table there was a discussion as to who was going to eat the last 2 portions of fish. So all was well.

Saturday night Cindy fixed her famous roast beef, mashed potatos, and carrots with fried apples. Good eats! One of my favorite meals. Luckily she fixed three roasts with plenty of potatos and gray so there were left overs. Only one problem, the boys knew where to find it and ate most of it for a midnight snack.

Lounging after Saturday dinner, before going to the euchre tournament. For those that don't know euchre is a fast moving card game that is played as teams of two. In a tournament (depending on the format) you can have a fairly large group of players all playing against each other by rotating to different tables. Everyone plays everyone else and everybody gets to see and talk to everyone else. It was good that Kyle was home as they were one player short and he was able to fill in.

While the boys were playing cards, Cindy and I attended an engagement party for my niece, Erin. Casey the groom to be, is serving in Iraq, and is home on leave. It was somewhat short notice as they were not real sure when he was going to be home. About a month ago, Cindy went with Erin and her mother and brides maids to shop for a wedding dress. It just happens that Erin's future mother-in-law owns a formal dress shop and that is where they spent the day.

Don't look Casey!

Oh it's just looks...oh's just too thrilling for my constitution!!!

It just is not a guy thing.

Sunday after a big breakfast, Trevor and Kevin began packing up. After goodbye hugs they were off to pick up Sarah then back to EIU. Kyle got to stay home til Monday afternoon. Even though normal classes were still cancelled at Northern, he had to be back for trial competion practice on Tuesday. (Kyle is on the team of NIU law students that will compete against other law schools in a mock trial competition).

All in all it was a really good weekend!

Ken F.

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Cindy, what is your recipe for fried apples?