Monday, February 25, 2008

Summer Trips and Excuse to Visit Kyle

There is a rain snow mix going on outside right now, and I got hitch itch. Our summer is filling up fast and I can't wait to hit the road. We now have reservations at Shabbona Lake State Park over Memorial weekend for Kyle's graduation from law school at Northern Illinois University. We will have company on that trip as Kent and Sheila, and Tony and Darlene are camping with us. Then in June we have Missouri Coachmen rally, RV Dreams rally, Illinois State rally. Oh and before that we have Spring Game at EIU in April. Then in August football season starts with a game at Central Michigan. This game is the Thursday night before Labor Day so I will be making reservations for that trip. I really don't care to be camping on Holiday weekends because the campgrounds get so full but I'll put up with the crowd to be camping. On the weeks where nothing is planned I will go set up early at either Siloam Springs State Park or at Mark Twain Lake and Cindy will join me when she gets off work.

"Baby", our RV, goes to the shop next week for routine maintenance to get her ready for the summer. I hope to have her ready to camp by mid March. Siloam has a few sites that they keep open year round, and Ray Behrens at Mark Twain Lake usually opens last weekend of March or first weekend of April.

Kyle has an interview in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday afternoon. He lives in Dekalb, Illinois, while attending Northern Illinois University. So he has a four hour plus drive to the interview and then he needs to be back for class on Thursday, so another four plus drive back. Lo and behold, I volunteered to make this trip with him--one way to get on the road and shake off the cabin fever. Neither Cindy nor I have been to Kyle's place in quite some time. He usually comes home rather than us going there. I am looking forward to this trip except for the snow. I plan to leave Tuesday to drive to Dekalb, about a four and a half hour drive, then spend the night with Kyle then drive to the interview and back on Wednesday, returning to Quincy on Thursday. I've scoped out a deli nearby in the same block as our destination in Des Moines where I can kick back with coffee and a book, or just people watch while Kyle is interviewing.
Des Moines is suppose to get 4-8 inches of snow tonight, then the snow is suppose to move east from there into Illinois towards Dekalb. It is suppose to be through there Tuesday morning. If the forecasters are correct, we should not have contend with anything more than some blowing snow. While the Audi is much more fun to drive, I've decided to take the jeep just in case the forecasters aren't right, While it costs me more in gas, I'm less likely to get stuck anywhere and a lot less likely to get a ticket in the jeep so it all evens out!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could put your house on wheels and when the weather got bad you could just move! What a concept!

See Ya Ken F

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