Monday, May 12, 2008

A Tour of NIU Law School

We were up and on the road on Monday by about 9am. It was a beautiful day for driving and we were set up in Shabbona Lake State Park before 3pm.

We unhooked the jeep and headed in to Dekalb to Kyle’s apartment.

It was great to have my two boys back with us again!

Since Trevor and I had never gotten a very in depth tour of the NIU Law School before Kyle showed us around.

Here’s Kyle about to cross-examine Mom in NIU law classroom

…and Judge Kyle with Governor Trevor politicking in the background

The school has lots of great gothic architecture throughout

Here’s an inlaid tribute to the power of the written word

Views of the towers and gargoyles looking out from on of the many sets of 3 story high windows.

With the tour complete, we went to the Junction to eat and then packed up Kyle’s stuff for the trip and headed back to Shabbona.

Now it was time for the official family vacation with the WHOLE family to begin!

Stay tuned, Tomorrow will be my fourth day of vacation so it’s time to get out of Illinois!

Hugs, C

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Anonymous said...

has kyle graduated, and if so, found work yet?