Sunday, May 18, 2008

Black Hills: Deadwood

Sunday morning we took our time packing up to move north to the Deadwood/Sturgis area.

This included packing up Trevor’s comfortable separate bedroom in the tent behind the motorhome. Do you call it ‘roughing it’ when you got electric, DVD’s, MP3’s and laptops with wireless access in your tent?

The trip was very comfortable and scenic between Hill City and Sturgis. We had picked a sunny day with no wind, thank goodness.

We had chosen the Rush N More RV Park for two reasons. It is a Passport America park so we got ½ price rates and it was recommended both on and One of the guys who stays there for the summer in his motorhome and has a gorgeous big Honda trike gave Ken a tour of the campground to pick out a site. We chose a new section they had set up in the wooded area some distance behind the main park where we had to share the area and the scenery with only two other RV’s.

After setting up camp, we decided to drive in to Deadwood for some sightseeing.

One of our primary stops was the ‘Saloon No. 10’ where Wild Bill Hickok was killed.

In the lower level of the saloon they have a lot of interesting information on that interesting time in the wild west along with detailed descriptions of Wild Bill’s life, the day he died, and the multiple trials it took to convict his murderer.

Another interesting stop was the Celebrity Hotel where they have lots of memorabilia from movies, like Herbie, The Love Bug..

The guys had to be able to say the gambled in deadwood so we did stop very briefly at some of the slots. Gambling is, by far, the big tourist attraction in Deadwood, although not at all a big attraction to any of us. However, like most big gambling sites, they did have their fair share of low-cost buffets, so we stopped at the Silverado for their prime rib buffet before heading back to the RV.

Tomorrow we’ll head in to Sturgis.

Hugs, C

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