Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kyles Graduates from Law School

This is why we returned to the Dekalb area! After three years of law school Kyle graduated on May 24, 2008!

During the commencement, the best speech was given by Adam Watson, one of the graduates. He touched on the shooting but did not dwell on it rather he focused on using law to help people rather than as a means to riches. He was a good person to make this point. Having lost his father to medical malpractice and a lost lawsuit, he chose to go back to law school. The Commencement Address was given by US Congressman, Bill Foster. Besides having the title of congressman, he also has numerous degrees including a Phd from Harvard in Physics. He owns his own lighting company and was instrumental in working on the super collider at Fermi Labs.

After the speeches, it was time to line up to recieve their degrees.

Kyle recieving his degree!

Cogratulatory hug from a very proud mom who is quick to mention that he graduated cum laude and 25th of 118 in his class which is impressive considering what it takes to get in to law school!

After we all gave him hugs, Kyle posed with his best bud, Luke (and our honorary number 3 son)and his little brother, Trevor.

Obiligatory family picture.

And if I must be the one to say it, I think it is a very fine family indeed:)

Kyle and Aaron, his room mate and best friend at school.

After the ceremonies we had a dinner celebration, where Kyle read some of his congratulatory cards and letters.

Notice the hat. On the way out of the hall each graduate was given a NIU Law School hat.

Later that evening we celebrated with the other grads. Cindy and I left early to get back before they closed the campground gate at 10pm (they are serious-they put up a tire schredder!), while the boys stayed up well past the wee hours able to walk back to Kyle's apartment from the festivities.

Breakfast for the boys at 1:00 pm

Then a lazy afternoon! It was real nice that Luke was able to spend the weekend with us.
We don't see enough of him or Lindsey.

More laziness, after dinner!

Then a good nights sleep before returning to Quincy. We plan to leave at a decent time on Memorial monday so that Trevor can get packed for EIU. He will leave as soon as he can after we get back. He will have a three and half hour drive after our five hours. He is in a hurry so that he can resume his rehab. Kyle will also be returning with us for the balance of the week for a little more R&R before beginning studies for the bar exam.

One last picture! Cindy got this shot while we were at the dump station. We'd seen pheasant throughout South Dakota but she couldn't get one on camera until we were back in Illinois.

Great shot, but why would anyone be carrying around a camera at a dump station. What kind of picture was she really hoping to get? The movie "RV" come to mind?

Ken F

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