Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Return of the Flamingo

Spending four nights in the same space was a welcome change after the trip west. With the extra time we were able to set up like we like to with the table clothes, chairs, lights, etc.
You can always tell when we plan to stay a while because, I like to put out the pink flamingos, and since it was Memorial weekend I put out the flags with them.

If you look on the right edge of this picture you can see the growth on the edge of our site. I don't know what it is but it looked like miniture walnut trees. It was all the same height leading me to think that it was a type of shurb and not a tree. I bring this up because shortly after setting up Cindy took the dogs for a walk while I was laying down. But there was no rest because as soon as I laid down there was a knocking on the RV. The noise was coming from the front drivers side. At first I thought someone was throwing pebbles at the RV but I could not see anyone. The culprit turnout to be a cardnial that was seeing his reflection in the glass.

He would attack the "intruder" by tappin his beak into the glass. I must say that he was persistant because I tried closing the blinds and then I tried scaring him away by moving around in side the RV. Then I hit on it, I grabbed the camera, every bird or animal that I have tried to take a picture of will move away when you pick up a camera. I firmly believe that it is part of every bird and every animals' genenic make up. Every time I tried to get the rascal flying into the glass he would move off to the safety of the brush by the RV.

This is his prize! Beuatiful isn't she!
She must be for him to knock his brains out all day long!
Later in the weekend the pair disappeared only to start attacking a 5th wheel a few sites down the way.

As you can see we were parked close to the lake. Shabbona State Park is known for its fishing holding several state fishing records.

At the back of the adjoining camp site was a trail leading to the lake. When ever I walk down to take a look at the lake it was busy with boats and fishermen. At one time there was a boat with several small boys fishing from it. They were keeping dad busy because as soon as he took a fish of the hook one of the other boys would yell out that he had one. They were having a blast!

Not being a fisherman, I opted to visit with the group across the road from us. This group camps at Shabbona every Holiday. They originally had six couples put are now down to four. I very much enjoyed visiting with this group of really nice people. They were really smart too. Because we were able to solve all the problems afflicting the world today. However, we neglected to write anything down. But don't worry, they invited us to come back next year and solve all the problems again.

Ken F

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