Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th Croquet in the Backyard

It has become a tradition to have an informal family get together in our backyard each July 4th focused on two of the Frericks family favorite holiday and croquet.

It was another beautiful day with temperature in the high 70's and lots of sunshine.

Trevor has brought two EIU football players home with him for the weekend, Kevin Mahoney and Chris Vaccaro.

Those not playing croquet tended to stick to the patio where we were having some luck keeping away the buffalo gnats with out lighted torches filled with citronella.

We had a special treat since niece Jennifer and husband Dave Loiter had flown in from DC bringing with them darling new baby, Clara.

Here's Carlene, Ken's oldest sibling, getting to know Clara, the latest addition to Ken and I fast growing list of great-nieces and nephews.

Meanwhile Clara's daddy, Dave (far right) joined Ken and our godson, BJ Jacobson, out on the croquet course.

Here you see some of the most serious croquet competition of the day. It's amazing how intense these guys can get about hitting these little balls through wickets!

Hugs, C

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