Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter weekend in Carlinville

Easter weekend was our first weekend out this year! We are usually out by mid March but it has been a cold spring here.
We went to Carlinville so we could all be together for the weekend at Beaver Dam State Park. I drove over Thursday morning to get a camping spot. Cindy and Jenni were driving over Thursday evening after work. Trevor was coming from Charleston after football practice, and Kyle lives and works in Carlinville.

While I was loading the RV for the year I was able to rearrange enough to be able to pack the flamingos!
Beaver Dam State Park is a popular park. They have several long level sites but only a few with 50 amp service.

Friday was cold enough to force the kids to put on their winter coats.

While Cindy was on one of her longer walks, she walked down to the marsh area and was accosted by the mom and dad geese. Later that day she happened to mention the geese to the kids in the campground. Naturally they needed to investigate and came back covered with mud. In fact one boy had lost a shoe in the mud and one of the girls had mud up past her knees.

Saturday morning Jenni's mom and dad came to visit and to see Carlinville. After they toured the town they came out to the RV for dinner. Trevor and Andre had arrived earlier and were pitching in to help with dinner.

Andre was in charge of the fire and keeping the coals hot under the potatoes. We are always glad to see Trevor's teammates. Andre is originally from Brazil and is a great guy to have around.

Trevor got caught tasting the sauce! Everyone seemed to enjoy the food! Jenni's Dad, Danny, really enjoyed the potatoes. Trevor and Andre ate up the pork chops. I don't think we had any leftovers.

After dinner Jenni's parents wanted to get on the road so that they could drive most of the way while it was light. Jenni, Kyle, Trevor and Andre sat around the fire making plans for the evening.

Sox was shaking from the chill in the air, so Trevor put her inside his jacket to warm her up.

Later, after the Jenni and the boys headed into town for the evening, we sat down to enjoy the last of the fire. Smoke follows beauty!

Easter Sunday the boys joined us at the diner by the lake in the state park. This place has excellent food at reasonable prices. We enjoyed a good meal with good conversation before everyone went their separate ways. Us to pack the RV, Trev and Andre to Charleston, and Kyle and Jenni to Carlinville.

We got back home in time to get this picture.
There should always be flowers for Easter!


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