Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Glad We Were Not RVing!

We had snow! A few days after writing the last blog the weather turned cold with snow and lower temperatures. Currently it is in the low 30's at night and mid 50's during the day, so we are going out Easter weekend. I spent several day flushing the water system, checking batteries, oil levels, tire pressure and cleaning the coach.
I hired the neighbor to wax the coach and we got it half done and will finish it next week. He is done with high school and is not college material. He is a good kid but cannot find work. He would like to do body work but none of the shops are hiring. His second choice is construction, but it is the same there. It is going to be tough for him to get a job.
I got a call from the stem cell research people. They got my medical records and the study is showing surprising success. It has been so successful that they have had to terminate the study to reevaluate their procedure. Bummer!
Today I will finish loading the RV. I already loaded the staples, now I need to load clothes and food for the weekend. I made a list yesterday (I am definitely a list person). So off to the store for groceries.
The plan is for me to leave early Thursday AM for Beaver Dam State Park. This park usually fills up on weekends during the summer. I hope that by getting there on Thursday morning I won't have any trouble finding a spot. Cindy will ride over Thurs. evening with Jenni (Kyle's girl friend). Then Trevor will join us on Saturday after football practice. We will all be together for Easter.
Have fun! KP

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