Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Day Until Opening Game!!

Mornings like this are just too good to be true. Waking up when my body is ready, without the grating blare of an alarm but with the sound of cicada and birds just outside the window. The owl that lulled me to sleep last night with his ‘Who-who-who-cooks-for-you’ is still nearby but the repeated refrains have longer silences between---maybe Mr. Owl is ready to bed down after a long evening of hunting and hooting under a nearly full moon.

It was unseasonably cool last night making it all the more luscious to wrap up in Grandma Milly’s quilt to ease in to the morning.

Ken situated the coach on this site here at Fox Ridge State Park so that we have almost complete privacy with no view of the patio from the road. Sitting this way it’s like we are out in the woods all by ourselves.

Ken also picked this site because it’s directly across from the water spicket. We’ll definitely be taxing our holding tanks with this trip so this will probably save us from at least one trip to dump/refill. Ken has also gathered 3 5-gallon drywall compound buckets that we can separate aluminum and plastic out of the garbage since most Illinois State Parks have places to dump these separately. The other purpose will be to drain some of the gray water periodically. That way we can simply put them in the back of the jeep and dump at the dump station rather than have to move the rig. We hope this works since we really don’t want to carry a ‘blue boy’ for this purpose but do find that our grey water is the first of the tanks to cause us to need to make a dump trip. We also carry two wash tubs in the shower. We use these to catch dishwater and shower water rather than have it go into the tanks. We are interested in seeing just how long we can make it without dumping using these techniques.

Trev called to ask if he could bring Andre and Kevin out for 10:30 breakfast. The guys also brought some fresh green beans since they had a hunger for them. Breakfast was OJ, sausage, eggs, potatoes, and green beans!!

Btw….here’s a link to a Charleston newspaper article where they interviewed Trevor in advance of the Illinois State game.

We acted as a student moving van this week bringing Trevor a dishwasher for his house, bringing his friend Sarah, a table from Mom and Dad, and bringing niece Jen, miscellaneous items from Mom and Dad for her new dorm room. After all of these items were delivered, we decided to checkout the local coffee house which was advertised as a free wifi site.
We decided to have lunch at the Jackson Avenue Coffee house while checking our emails and posting this blog. Really enjoyable atmosphere…pita bits and hummus for my lunch with Carol King playing in the background. Ken kicked back and read the local newspaper while enjoying a really good cup of coffee.

I may get to post more often here in Charleston with this place available!!

Until then I'll leave you with a picture of our new football season mascot duo we have on our front dash. Homer has now been joined by bobble-head Tony Romo!!

Hugs, C

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