Sunday, September 27, 2009

We’re 4-0!! – Austin Peay Clarksville, TN

Since the game was not until 6pm, Ken and I enjoyed the peaceful surroundings Saturday morning.

Coffee under the awning moved about 20 feet to coffee on our little section of beach.
Mid-afternoon we drove through rain the 40 miles to the stadium.

The clouds were still threatening as we arrived but luckily stayed to our north. We were pleasantly surprised at the size of the stadium, considering the size of the school, and how easy it was to find parking.
My sister Betty and her husband Chuck drove down from Quincy for the game since Clarksville is also where Betty’s grand-daughter, our great-niece, Brandi lives.
The Panther Club tailgating participants gets more sparse as we get farther south but they guys did a great job with plenty of refreshments and chicken on the grill.

Betty and Chuck had spent the morning geo-caching in Clarksville and they educated Doc Rudert, Ken and I on this ‘addiction’ they have. They have located over 1820 geo-caches to-date. The closest was the last one they’d just found right here on campus at the art building in one of the sculpture exhibits. Apparently there are currently some 300,000+ geo-caches hidden globally. I guess this hobby will keep them busy for awhile!

By game time, Brandi and her husband, Dominic, had joined us.
We won the game 30-20. Unfortunately, the nighttime lighting has once again thwarted Ken’s attempts at actions shots. And there was one action shot that would have been priceless. Trevor got an interception!! It’s not too often you get to see the ball in the hands of a big lineman. Trev didn’t get too far with the ball because he came down with it in a crowd but it was pretty awesome to watch.
While we won, it wasn’t one of our better showings and we will definitely have to play much better next week if we are going to have a chance against division top-rated Eastern Kentucky next week.

Trevor and team came over to do their victory song. See Sandy, Kevin does sing along and Mike and Louise, since you didn’t appear to get to make the game, you can at least see that Gordy was still looking in good shape by the end of the game and did a great job causing a fumble when the other team was inside the 25 yard line.

The guys had to come over to say ‘hi’ to us in the stands since apparently the sewer backed up in their locker room and they were going to have to be moved to a different locker room on campus for showers.

It's Sunday noon now and I'm sitting in the Dover McDonald's using my $2.97 Internet time to do this post and check emails. I need to keep moving though since I need to drop by the Piggly Wiggly and pick up some groceries and then get back to the campground before Betty, Chuck, Dominic and Brandi come for an afternoon visit and early supper. Ken has promised to do housecleaning while I'm out....I think he likes having some private time, even if it means running the vacuum!
Hugs, C

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