Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bennett Springs: Girls Day at the Pool

While my nieces were at the pool every afternoon, I held off until Saturday. The park has a really nice pool and on a warm Saturday afternoon the campers were out in abundance.


They open at noon so we were there a few minutes early to make sure we could lay claim to 3 of the long chairs that make it nicer for laying out in the sun. If I were to make any recommendation to the park on improvements, it would be to get more chairs around the pool.

Two years ago when we were here, the Kelsey and Mckinley still needed to stay in the separate kiddie pool but have since graduated to the big pool.


The girls bring plenty of things to play with and keep themselves occupied for the whole afternoon. Mckinley even had a little doll that would swim whenever you put her in the water.


Of course, its always more fun when mama comes in to the pool to play with you.


The guys were fishing when we started the day at the pool but Kent and Tony rode their scooters down to the pool about 2pm. By about 2:30 I began to get concerned that even with the SPF 45 I might be overdoing it with my extremely pale skin and headed back to the RV where Ken, having caught a trout early, was taking his post-fishing nap, feeling he’d had a successful day.

While he still won’t walk on the leg, Ditka seemed to be showing improvement and so we decided to extend our stay to Monday so that we could enjoy our time away from home a bit longer and avoid the Sunday campground exodus and Ozarks weekend traffic jams.

At $21 a night, and so much to see and do, this park definitely has the ‘it’ factor for us.

The guys were able to catch enough fish for us to make a group meal of trout fillets on Saturday evening. These along with fresh sweet corn and cabbage my sister had sent from the garden made for yet another great meal.

We enjoyed our final night together sitting around the campfire. The families are coming back in August and we’ll have to see if we might be able to work that back in our schedules since we do enjoy this place so much and Ken really still feels the need to have fly fishing pros at his side in the stream.

Unfortunately, I had overdone the sun on my back. I had laid on my stomach at the pool for only 20 minutes to get some sun on my back before putting on my sunscreen. My back was in the shade the rest of the day and yet my back was bright and burning red. Ken slathered me in aloe lotion several times but I still struggled to get much sleep.

Ken and I are now enjoying our Sunday morning coffee, while everyone is doing their packing up to go home. I’d planned on downloading Sheila’s pictures from her awesome Canon SLR to my PC but unfortunately it has an oversize memory card that doesn’t fit in my Acer expansion slot and we hadn’t thought to bring our other memory card attachment. That means I’ll have to do a separate blog later when she’s downloaded to CD with some of the pictures I intended to use but don’t have access to right now.

Later I’ll go down and post this from the dining lodge where the wifi reception has been excellent.

I must say that Ken and I are both really dragging our feet about heading back home. If it weren’t for Ditka’s hip and the appointment to get measurements for our next bathroom countertop we’d be staying longer. I understand now why Ken is so anxious to complete the remodeling since he really wants to be on the road without concerns about work and maintenance back at the house.

Hugs, C

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Levonne said...

Looks fantastic! Now that is RV living at its best!