Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Family 4th

For those of you having followed our blog since 2007, you know that July 4th is a day Ken keeps reserved for the Annual Frericks Croquet Tournament and BBQ. 

With many of our family members taking vacations out of town over the 4th,  this started as an informal get-together for those staying in Quincy over the holiday. 

It’s Ken’s favorite kind of picnic since its nothing fancy, we just provide brats, nachos, tea and lemonade and then everyone else brings a dish of their choice to share, along with lawn chairs and whatever other beverage they might choose.

Luckily, despite spits of rain in the early afternoon, the weather turned out perfect for an afternoon on the back lawn.


Now inside 100 days until the wedding we invited Jenni and Kyle’s wedding party as well so that they could get to know our family a little better in a less formal environment.

And, we had 4 generations of family all well represented.IMG_0413



Here’s Ken’s mom, Millie, with her brother and Ken’s godfather, Paul.




Our brothers, sisters and in-laws all find a spot in the side yard to enjoy a bit of chat in the shade.


Nieces and nephews were often on the croquet court with Ken.


Great nieces from my side of the family and Ken’s side met for the first time and had their own little party going, including the little lady from our family, Sox.







Ken wanted to be sure that, to keep up the Frericks/Mast tradition,  the little one’s were catching on to the croquet game.  Here he’s giving a lesson to great-nephew, Cyril.



Ken had to turn over his mallet for awhile so that he could grill the brats and wienies for our 60+ guests. 


With all the covered dishes that people had brought, there was a huge selection of food.




Calleigh liked licking the red, white and blue icing off of the cupcakes.












Meanwhile her new little sister, Abbie, was quite content sleeping in Grandma Kathleen’s arms.







Kyle and Jenni’s future little ringbearer, Oaklee, found the whole day to be a bit much and zonked out on the lawn next to the croquet court.


As usual, this was one of our favorite days of the year.  It is just one of those nice casual gatherings  where everyone can enjoy each others company without a lot of work or formality on anyone’s part.  Good food, good fun, family and friends -- what better way to enjoy what being American is all about.

Hugs, C


Leno said...

Looks great. For years we always got together with family back in Ma for similar 4th celebrations. So fun..
I haven't played croquet since I was a kid and forget how..

Jim and Dee said...

What a great time! I'm so glad the weather was great for you with that many people. Now on with the wedding. Great picts of everyone.