Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Plans in jello, that’s for sure!

We started our travels Saturday destined for Bennett Springs State Park in Missouri, a comfortable 200 mile drive. We planned to stay there for a couple of days, then go to Beaver Dam State Park in Carlinville, IL for awhile where we could pick up our mail from our son. This would mean maybe about one more week on the road before home to Quincy.

When we got near the cutoff to turn south off of US 54 to Bennett it just past noon. Too early to be settling in? On a whim, I pulled out the trusty android and started checking other options, distances and campgrounds. In fact, we were making great time and could even be back in Quincy before dark if we didn't stop. Suddenly with a lovely driving day that just made perfect sense.

As it turns out, I’m writing this on Monday and have just seen on the weather that along yesterdays' route Jefferson City, Mo, got an unexpected NINE inches of snow overnight. Boy did we luck out in making that last minute change in plans!

We pulled in front to our house at 5:30 with 380 miles covered for the day. We agreed to unload nothing but necessities and the refrigerator after the long travel day.

It wasn’t but a few minutes later when our neighbor, John, came out to invite us to dinner at their house. John’s wife, Stacy is recovering from ankle surgery and so he played chef with some awesome steaks on the grill. John had taken on the Herculean effort of snow removal at our place when the big snow hit in January and so we had brought them back a case of a variety of wines from California. We ended up sitting at their house far too late considering Stacy needed her sleep but had a really enjoyable evening. It was a reminder of how great it is to be back home in our wonderful neighborhood with our great hometown friends. Just like our RV friends, seems our neighbors weren’t going to let us cook on a travel day!

We’ll head down to our son’s house in Carlinville by the weekend to pick up mail so I can get our taxes done.

Other than that our next several weeks will probably be pretty boring compared to the last 10 weeks, so I won't be blogging much until we are back on the road again.

Thanks for joining us on our first trip to the gorgeous Southwest!

I’m already working through the details of our next adventure!

Hugs, C


Jim and Dee said...

What a wonderful trip! I'm glad you missed the snow. I hope your next trip has Oct 16-20 at Defeated Creek still in your plans! Good to see you had safe travels.

Doug & JoAnn said...

Glad you made it home safely. I can't imagine 9 inches of snow in Jefferson City. I don't think it ever snowed that much at a time when I was growing up there.

Anonymous said...

Glad you all made it home safe and sound. Thank you for sharing your trip here, I really enjoyed all the information and your tips are great! Can't wait to see where you go next.

Ann in WI


Sometimes the best part of going away is coming home. I always like that last leg of the journey with the destination at the end of the day being....home. Always something nice about being safely home in the driveway. However, for me the great feeling of getting home doesn't last long. A couple weeks later I'm chomping at the bit to be back on the road & going somewhere again.

Cindy said...

Dee, we are still on for Defeated for sure! Just have to be back to Quincy by last weekend of Oct for my sisters 50th.
JoAnn, it has been really nice for us that the worst of the 2011 snow we've scene so far was that short-lived but beautiful display in Sedona.
Ann, enjoyed having you along! We will be off in April to the RV-Dreams Rally in the Smokey Mountains so stay tuned!!
Al, it's been nice to get to know you guys a bit better on this trip, even if we didn't actually get to cross paths. Funny how we've ended up sharing so many of the same RV friends and favorite places.

Hugs, C

Jay said...

I have enjoyed your travels. We also have traveled regularly until I took on the remodel of our sons house in Windsor CA. The only trips we have made in the last year have been without our 35' Hitchhiker. Keep blogging I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed your trips.

Evielynne said...

You have some great friend in both worlds - RV folk and Stick folk... I hope your neighbors ankle heals quick - poor thing. I bet those steak where yum yum... Haven't had one those in 6 months or longer. Over due - Over due lol... New fan of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Ok...a month is long enough...let us know how you're doing!