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Vortex At Cathedral Rock February 28, 2011


Cathedral Rock

Today we drove to the Village of Oak Creek in search of one of the famed vortices that are in the Sedona area.  A vortex is a magnetic field that is stronger in some areas over others.  Sedona is believed to be a powerful vortex area. These vortices are believed to increase the power of prayer and enhance meditation.  Personally, I believe that any time we spend time in a natural setting and open ourselves up to the forces of nature we are opening ourselves up to an enhanced spiritual relationship.  To get to Cathedral Rock we took the back way via Verde Valley School Road.  After the pavement ends we continued on to the parking area near the end of the road.

Road to Cathedral Rock

The parking area has a pay box where you fill out a card and make your  payment before you begin your hike.  (Free on ‘geezer pass’)  The trail was wet and covered with sandy red dirt, but was an easy walk.

IMG_3345   IMG_3348

The vortex area is not marked.  If you are open to it you can feel a change. For some it is a hum in the head like a humming electricial transformer.  For others it is a tingling feeling.  For some it is a heightened sense of awareness.  For some there is nothing.  In any case the vortex is marked by twisted juniper trees.  It is said that the magnetic field causes the trees to twist as they grow.


This tree is near to the place where we thought the vortex was centered.  We found small stacks of rocks and other signs of ritual activity in this area.  It was also a very beautiful area because of the run off created by the recent snowfall and the mountain setting. 


After visiting the vortex area we began looking for the trail to the nearby waterway.  Cindy had been here ten years prior (almost to the day) and had visited Cathedral Rock entering the area from the Sedona side rather than the side we had used.  We found the trail which at times was very narrow and shaded, and at other times open and bright.

IMG_3364   IMG_3366

We were well rewarded for our efforts.

IMG_3384 IMG_3388

The ducks in the upper picture welcomed us showing no fear of us. They were diving and floating just a few feet from us.


After leaving the Cathedral Rock area, we returned to the Village of Oak Creek for a quick shopping trip to the outlet mall area where we found Cindy a new jacket to replace the one she had been wearing for the last 11 years. (It is still a good jacket there are no holes in it and it still fits, why get a new one?)

Yet another good day in the life of Frerxadventures!



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