Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ken and Trev in Mahomet, July 27th weekend

Kyle came home so that on Friday, July 27th he could have his 4 wisdom teeth pulled. (Good idea to get this done before his time on Mom’s dental insurance runs out --- the guy is starting to think ahead!!)

I stayed home and played nursemaid to Kyle. He didn’t like the idea but the doctor convinced him that he had to have someone around. I was impressed, she even called him at 9pm that evening, 12 hours after the surgery to be sure he was doing alright.

Kyle did very well and I thought I’d have mercy and not take any pictures of him with his puffy cheeks!

Hopefully, once fully recovered, he will see considerable reduction in ear and sinus infections which were thought to be related.

While Kyle and I stayed close to home watching DVD’s and eating pudding, ice cream and pureed soups, Ken and Trev went to Mahomet, IL for an EIU football benefit golf tournament.

Trevor had his hands on the camera to start the trip and was snapping away as Dad drove since Dad wouldn’t let Trev get his hands on the wheel of ‘Baby’.

Kevin Mahoney (right) spent the night in the motorhome with Ken and Trev. Guy Williamson (left) lives in Mahomet and came by for a visit. Amazing how small Trev can look when surrounded by O-Linemen!

The golf tournament was a scramble. Trevor and Kevin were to stay at one of the 4 par 5 holes and drive with each group so that they could use the football player’s drive if they chose. We have no pictures of the golf outing since the guys were worried that the pictures might be used as evidence against them for golf ball and golf course abuse. Actually it was raining pretty hard all morning and they played the first few holes in a steady rain and did not want to risk getting the camera wet. Later on, the rain did stop and, by the end of the round, the sun was working its way through the clouds. But, neither the weather nor the scores kept the guys from having lots of great fun with the group.

Ken was lukewarm on the Tincup RV Park. While they had full hookups, they got stuck in an area slightly a step above a parking lot.

Ken thinks if they would have asked for one of the sites farther in the park, where there was more grass and natural setting he would have been able to give the RV park better marks.

The RV park was well-maintained and was located right next to the golf course. But, experience just seems to be continued evidence that we prefer state and federal parks, not RV parks.

So, I end this entry with sunset over Tincup RV Park, at the end of a fun golf outing weekend for the guys.

Hugs, C

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