Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long Weekend at Bennett Springs, Aug 2-6-PART 3

Saturday morning it was our turn to do breakfast and it was the first time we really 'entertained' from the motorhome. Ken did his 'big breakfast' of sausage, egg scramble with cheese, and peppers, fried potatoes, fruit, toast and juices. He set up to cook everything outside which worked out well. We did learn one thing. Being on 30 amp service and trying to run A/C, coffeemaker from inside and fan, electric skillet and toaster from outside appeared to overwhelm the electric management system. We blew fuses twice before Kent suggested we run a second cord from the 110 outlet on the site electric pole for the outdoor items. Once that was in place we were in good shape and will set up that way automatically from now on since we do like to do most of our cooking outdoors.

Ken's brother Alan and his wife Nancy drove over from Springfield, MO, on Saturday, arriving shortly after the late morning breakfast crew had cleared out. Alan was only in his 3rd week out of triple bypass surgery and big brother Ken was concerned that he stay seated and not get overheated! We did spend about half the afternoon indoors since the temperaturs were pushing into the upper end of the 90's.

We took a ride around the park with Alan and Nancy. The spring itself which puts out 100,000,000 gallons of fresh water per day is just behind the little fortress structure at the top of the picture.

From regular fishing season, March 1 thru October 31, trout are released from the trout hatchery at a rate of 1.5 trout for every day tag sold the prior day. It was really relazing to just sit by the bridge at the head of the hatchery and watch them, in mass quantity, enjoying the cool water, on the warm day.

With the electrical hookups working smoothly, our dinner back at the motorhome, went smoothly. Ken did chicken breasts topped with peppers and mozzarella. I did my cheezy potato casserole and fresh cooked carrots, along with fruit and garlic bread. Everyone was too full for dessert so we held off on the angel food cake, fresh peaches and whipped cream until later in the evening when we were around the campfire.

Because we had an electric-only sight and intended to have our tanks takes us from Thursday-Monday, we opted to do dishwashing outdoors. I was lucky to have plenty of help with this work detail!

Sunday was another, lounging, eating, fishing day.

The girls got some up-close and personal time with the trout.
This was definitely one of our best trips yet, especially since we got to spend time with family. The bad part of the trip was that it was far too short. Next time we'll try to get in the float trip we wanted to do but never fit it and also try out the onsite restaurant that is suppose to be very good. Sites in Missouri parks are available for reservation online up to 6 months in advance to we may try to come back in early spring when we can go to the lower campground where we can do biking and hiking and be in walking distance to the stream. They also have full hookups down there so I wont' have to be so concerned about the length of my showers!
I think this RVing lifestyle has really taken hold on us. I'm finishing this blog entry as we complete a weekend at home (Aug 10 - 12). We had planned to go to the Gateway Coachmen monthly outing in Montgomery City, MO and then go from there for a daytrip to Hermann MO to the wineries. However, I nixed that when they forecasted 104 degrees for Sunday in Hermann. While I'm glad we didn't brave the heat, we are both anxious to get back on the road again!
Hugs, C

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