Thursday, August 9, 2007

Long Weekend at Bennett Springs, Aug 2-6-PART 2

Ok, here he is!....

At least Kenny looks the part of the avid fly fisherman!

Friday, with borrowed waders and fly fishing rod from Kent and Tony, Ken went down to the campstore, bought a fishing license and trout day tag, then ventured out into the cold waters of Bennett Springs.

He hadn't ever been fly fishing before and, in fact, we couldn't recall any time in the last 20 years that he had caught a fish at all.

While the guys were wading in the spring, we girls went to for a swim at the campground pool.
McKinley impressed us with crawling across the kiddie pool with her head under water. Kelsey was quite brave with several jumps off the diving board in the big pool.

Meanwhile back in the stream, the guys were being very patient with their trainee....

And, the girls came down after supper to watch as well. "Hey McKinley, watch Uncle Kenny...{giggle, giggle}!"

As the day wound to an end, Ken started to look like he was catching on to this fly fishing thing, or at least that he fit in with the crowd.

Then lo and behold, just minutes before the horn blew, Kenny snagged his first trout!

Life is good, at Bennett Springs!

Hugs, C

PS. Stay tuned, still have Saturday and Sunday at Bennett to report!

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