Sunday, January 27, 2008

Christmas Visitors and a Dilemma Created

The weekend before Christmas we had some very close family friends come to visit.

Donna, Kenny, and Brian came for a short visit from Atlanta. They usually come to town at Christmas as Donna is originally from Quincy and they can stay at her parents house for the holidays. Sometime during their stay in Quincy we usually go out to eat at a local pizza joint then come back to the house for a nice visit. For some reason we failed to take any pictures while they were here so I used this one from Alabama when we met there for a football game.

The next morning Luke and Lindsay stopped in. Luke and Kyle were best buds all through high school and Luke spent a lot of time with us during those years so we claim him to be our third son. Luke and Lindsay have been together for several years and have been married for one year.

Luke and Lindsay brought with them a gift in remembrance of Cindy's experiment with Sailor Jerry's Rum. At one of the home football games Luke, Kyle and Cindy's best friend Cheryl had all came to the game. Cindy and Cheryl decided to try some Sailor Jerry and Coke rather than the usual Captian and Coke. After a few drinks they came to realize that Sailor Jerry has more punch that Captian. You will have to ask Cindy about that day and in particular what happened at half time.

Luke was really taken by the looks of the Sailor Jerry Girl! See any resemblance to Lindsay!

While it was great to see Luke and Lindsay their small gift has created a big controversy! Some in the family think we need to replace Homer with The Sailor Jerry Girl. Homer has had a place of honor on the dash of Baby since we bought her! Should Homer be replaced by the first pretty face to come along?

Look at Homer! Only a really desperate person could love that face...Ah but he can sing! Push the button on his toe and he sings or he gives us some of his words of wisdom!

Now look at the Sailor Jerry Girl! Wow! She does not need to talk..if she did she might ruin it!

Oh for the love of all that is right and good, what is a guy to do? Homer or Sailor Jerry Girl? Oh have mercy! Sailor Jerry Girl or Homer? Decisions Decisions Decisions!!!!!! AGGHHH!!!!

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