Saturday, January 19, 2008

Trevor's Shoulder Surgery

Sorry we have not written in a while. A lot has been happening and in order to get you caught up I will go back to December 13th and Trev's shoulder surgery.

Trevor finished his finals and drove home the 12th of December. Upon his arrival we packed him and our stuff into the car and headed to Columbia Missouri for his shoulder surgery. Since his winter break was four weeks long, he scheduled his surgery at the earliest possible date thinking he might have an outside shot at being ready to play during spring ball. After spending the night in a local motel we were up early and on our way to the Columbia Orthopedic Group out patient center.
After confirming insurance information and drug allergies we only had a short wait till they called Trevor to get him ready. While Cindy and I waited she read while I worked on a jigsaw puzzle and chatted with a lady that was waiting for her mother. Before they took Trevor into surgery they called us to come sit with him for a bit. He was feeling no pain! In fact he wanted to know what that stuff was in that IV and if he could take some home with him. We had fun at his expense for a little while, then they ran us out so they could take him to surgery.
Back in the waiting room we resumed our preferred activities of reading and chatting. Tick, tick, tick....tick. The wait was not really that long, but it always seems longer than it actually is. It was not long before the lady I was talking to got called. They took her to a small conference room and explained that her mom was in recovery and that everything had gone well and then they gave her some pictures of the actual procedure. Her mom had a bad and painful ankle for years. To alleviate the pain and to stabilize the ankle they ran a screw through her heel up into her ankle.
After a while it was our turn. A nurse lead us to the conference room where we met the Doctor. The Doctor first told us that the surgery went well, however his shoulder was damaged much more than suspected. Instead of having a tear in the front and a partial tear in the rear, Trevor had much more damage. His shoulder had popped out of joint so many times that he had tears both front and rear, torn his rotator cuff, damaged the shoulder socket, had chips floating in and around the socket, and to top it off the damage was starting to cause arthritis. The Doctor said he felt like he had done some of his best work and that Trevors' recovery would have to be extremely slow.
Trevors' arm was placed in a sling in what the Doctor called a gunslinger position. Imagine your elbow resting against you side with your hand pointed straight out in front of you. He was not allowed to remove his arm from this position or the sling for four weeks. It was good that he was going to be home for a while.
Trevor had an amazing doctor, Patrick Smith, do the surgery and the medical/training staff at EIU is as good as if not better than some of the bigger schools that we've dealt with. The biggest problem with Trevors' recovery is going to be Trevor. He loves football, he likes working out, he is relentless in the way he plays the game. That is what makes him so good, but it could also be his downfall if he is not patient enough to let his arm heal before he tries to begin lifting weights.
Trevor, remember what the Doctor said, NO WEIGHTS with that arm till June. KP

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