Monday, January 28, 2008

Family Christmas

Christmas eve we had Ken's side of the family over to celebrate Christmas. There is always lots of food and drink.

Sampling the deserts before dinner!

Cristmas Goonies...Gotcha!!!

Playing the switch game has become a tradition! This is the Cousins portion of the game then later in the evening the old farts play their switch game. To play you have to bring a present to share, then when it is your turn you can take a present from someone or open a new one. If someone steals your present then you can steal a present from yet another person. At times this game can become intense with players forming aliances to get the present that they want. It can be great fun and everyone seems to really enjoy each other!

The Boys with Grandma!

After everyone left we had our Christmas.

And Cindy collapsed in the Flinstone Chair before going to bed!

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Anonymous said...

So did cindy's side get together?