Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, Marion, IL to Nashville TN

It was a lovely day to travel Friday, November 7th. We had only about 200 miles left to Nashville so we took our time, stopping at a Flying J along the way to get diesel and propane.

The motorhome seems to be very economical with propane for heating and the stove but we really suck done the propane with the multi-burner tailgate grill which we sometimes have on for hours at a time.

It is certainly nice to have diesel prices down below $3. On a trip like this that saves us almost $100 over the high’s we were paying over $4.

The trees in Kentucky and Tennessee were at the peak of fall foliage.


We arrived at Two Rivers Campground about 2 pm. Luckily I had called on Thursday because we ended up with one of the few remaining sites. I’d expected no problem since Christmas at Opryland did not start until the next weekend. However, what I hadn’t realized was that the Florida Gators were in town playing Vanderbilt. There were literally dozens of Gator fan RV’s in the park.

With all the Gators around, Ken felt obliged to get out the EIU flags!

We noticed last year the really wide variety of motorhomes in the parks in Nashville. This year was no exception. Here’s one that caught our eye…

It’s a vintage greyhound bus with the name ‘Donbrokus’! These folks have obviously been around awhile. The license plate was from the state of Washington and the have a 5-digit FMCA number. Considering our number is in the 300,000 range, these folks were pioneers!!

Our intent was that Ken would nap awhile and then we’d do dinner out. However, being the RV attics that we’ve become we had a hard time parked blocks from large RV dealers without taking a look-see. We love Baby to pieces and have been very happy overall with her performance but now with 21,000 miles under our belts we have some ideas of some things we’d like to have upgraded if we fulltimed. Both of us are in agreement the Tiffin Phaeton seems to be the best overall fit if we were to upgrade. In fact we had already determined our favorite model for the 40QTH and its close cousin the 2009 40QSH just happened to be sitting on the lot down the street. We paid it a visit and ended up spending an hour inside this pretty baby talking to the sales manager. Obviously RV sales are not really hot right now so he had lots of time to talk!

It doesn’t make sense for us to make this kind of trade when we are doing these long trips since the bigger engines get about 20-25% less gas mileage, that our 10.5 mpg. We are putting more mileage on our unit right now than most fulltimers!

We enjoyed the lazy afternoon, even though a nap wasn’t in the cards.

There are lots of restaurants near this rv park. This evening we decided to try to Santa Fe Cattle Co.. This was another great choice. We shared a sampler platter with ribs, steak and chicken. 17th St. still tops the bbq charts for us but this is a very good restaurant. Very similar to a Texas Roadhouse (peanut shells on the floor!) with a slightly Southwest flair considering they also serve fajitas.

Stay tuned…tomorrow is game day!

Hugs, C

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