Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Senior Day: Austin Peay at EIU

This week's game was our last home game and Senior Day!
We did our usual home game routine leaving Quincy around noon to get to Fox Ridge State Park by dark.

It was raining steadily most of the afternoon, so we decided to pack the food into the jeep and feed the boys at Trevor's house. Luckily Andre had just cleaned the kitchen making it easier to set up and start warming the food. I try to make enough so that we have leftovers for the tailgate. I made vegetable soup and pulled pork sandwiches, the guys really dug into the vegetable soup and wiped it out leaving only a small amount of the pulled pork for the game.

We also brought along 2 birthday cakes that was leftover from a surprise birthday party for a buddy of mine. He is 39 hours younger than me and lets me know who is older.

The cake was a big hit as well. I believe there were only crumbs left when we left.

Trevor and his roommates are taking care of Rambo till they find him a home. To keep him happy they bought a tire for a wheel burrow to be used as a chew toy and play toy.

Jeff and mom and dad!

Pug (James) and some of his family!

Both of these guys were roommates of Trevor's at one time or another.

The games are becoming predictable! We take the opening drive inside the twenty and kick a field goal. On our succeeding possessions we run three dives and punt or we might run two dives and then throw a two yard pass then punt. We will run dives and pass the ball a maximum of two yards until we get behind in the score. Then and only then will we consider opening up the offense. But it is usually too little too late. As it was again this week!

We really enjoy being with the guys and feeding them and we enjoy the campground and the time we spend together there. We enjoy watching Trevor play because he enjoys the game so much, but the games themselves are almost unbearable to watch. This is a talented group of players that are really struggling and my heart goes out to those seniors that had to end their football careers this way.

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