Monday, November 10, 2008

Nashville to Quincy

Because we went to bed so early Saturday night, we were up bright and early Sunday morning and on the road by 8am.

We stopped after an hour at a rest stop and made eggs and toast for breakfast.

We had decided to split the drive back to Quincy in half, stopping at Rend Lake, where they had extended the camping season at Gun Greek Campground to the end of November.

Baby and Rend Lake

This campground is very easy access from I-57 at exit 77. Many of the sites have beautiful lake views.

Dogs walking at Rend Lake

After we set up we decided to do some exploring since we knew it was suppose to get much colder later.

With the temperatures dropping quickly I whipped up some grilled cheese and tomato soup with hot tea. Ken watched a few of the football games, mostly with his eyes closed and little snoring noises as commentary.

Since we were out of eggs we decided to drive in to Benton for a Walmart visit. Ken also wanted a light to hang under the motorhome by the tanks. We supposedly have heated tanks but once it gets 25 degrees or below, Ken-the-plumber starts to get a bit concerned about the water pipes.

We found a small restaurant in Benton called the Cozy Table for dinner, then headed back to the motorhome to snuggle in for a long winter’s night. Actually, the evening turned out to be warm and cozy inside and instead of falling asleep early as we expected we ended up watching a PBS Masterpiece Theatre presentation called ‘God on Trial’ about prisoners facing their last day before their ‘gas showers’ at Auschwitz. Ken and I both got hooked on it having turned it on about halfway in. We’ll go back now to rent this DVD to see what we missed in the beginning. It was followed by another documentary on the two prisoners, Vrba and Wetzlar, who escaped Auschwitz and ultimately were able to get the news out to the world on what was really happening there. When you are running on an HDTV antennae and no dish you get a lot of PBS and Ken and I are big PBS fans. I

Monday morning was a perfect example of what we love about RVing. With the temperature at about 25 degrees outside we stayed snuggled in a bit longer than in prior mornings. We took our time with coffee and morning news.

Ditka and Sox love having mornings like this too.

All the birds on the lake, in a veritable feeding frenzy, got Ditka in a rile and ready for a morning walk.

We took the dogs for a walk from the point where we were parked over to the next point
and set for awhile at the shelter house just taking in the bright but brisk morning.

On the way back we were joined for awhile in the woods by this lovely doe. It is shotgun season here now so I hope she stayed near the campground!

Ken made breakfast while I did hair and makeup and then we packed up for the final leg to the trip home. Even though it was cold outside we were neither in a big hurry to leave this beautiful setting and will be sure to figure Gun Creek into future plans when we need to head south again.

We had hoped to drop in on Kyle but since it was a ‘court’ afternoon for him and we were running late just did a straight 4 hour jaunt back to Q-town.

We’ll leave you for now with sunset over Rend Lake.

Hugs, C

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