Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Day at Lithia Springs

***Be sure to look at older posts. Since we’ve only had intermittent internet access we’ve had to publish several posts all at once!***
On Tuesday, Aug 11, it was to be an ‘eat and sleep’ day, no big plans, just take it easy and stay around the campground. Ken’s health seems to hold up much better if we plan a down day about every third day.
After a very late breakfast we decided to drive to the Lake Shelbyville tourist center to pick up a map of the area and check if there was internet access nearby. Ken was expecting an important email regarding the Panther trip to Penn State.

Here’s the current tourist center.

It has a butterfly garden/greenhouse….Although, it seemed to have a lot more caterpillars than butterflies on our visit.
We talked to the volunteer hosts at the tourist center who like most are fulltime RVers. They said that the building will be torn down and replaced in the next year as part of the Obama stimulus package. They suggested we go across the dam to Shelbyville to their tourist center where we would be able to get wifi.
We were able to get wifi. I could get my emails and check several key websites but Ken’s email would not come up. This clinched it for him. He has continually had problems with his ‘excite’ email and its downtime or slow response time. When he gets home he’s going to move to Yahoo. I’m very happy with Google gmail but Ken has a point that it would probably be good for us to be using 2 different services. You’ll know its changed when you see that he’s change the contact info on top of this site.
One of our favorite past times is to drive around in little towns and check out their quaint little streets and houses.
Ken took notice of this corner in particular…

Trevor, like most football players on defense would probably like to live on the corner of 3rd and Long!!

When we got back to the campground we took the dogs for a walk down a nearby path that lead to the lake.

As it happens those are not the only little white tails we saw that evening.

We also happened upon this mama and her two fawns.
It’s always nice to come back to full hookups in the RV and nice long hot showers. Although the day was warm it was a cool evening so we shut down the AC’s, opened windows, which is our favorite way to sleep when in the parks.

Hugs, C

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