Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exploring at Lake Shelbyville

***Be sure to look at older posts. Since we’ve only had intermittent internet access we’ve had to publish several posts all at once! ***

On Wednesday, Aug 12th, we decided to explore the Lake Shelbyville area.

We tend to get caught up in finding the unusual and in this case it was a goat tower. Ok, I’d never heard of a goat tower either and it seems this particular tower is the only one known to exist in the United States, a replica of a famous tower in South Africa.

And, yes, that is a real live goat sticking its head out. In fact, when we were driving back later in the day we passed the tower again and saw a goat climbing up the spiral even higher.

Unfortunately, there was way too much rain earlier this year and all the beaches on Lake Shelbyville have been closed for the full season.

While that seems to have put the hurt on tourism in the area, the aquatic life seemed to like having the shoreline to themselves.
We took our time driving around the lake stopping in at the various state and COE parks in the area. At midweek, all were close to empty.

I guess that is why these two fawns thought it a good time to get some exercise on the hiking trail at Wolf Creek State Park.
We also checked out Coon Creek COE campground and Eagle Creek State Recreation Area. For big rigs and the ‘it’ factor we’d stick with Lithia Springs or Wolf Creek State Park based on this day’s exploration.

Be assured that wherever you drive in this area of central Illinois in August, your view will often be nothing but flat highway, cornfields and telephone poles for as far as the eye can see!

Hugs, C

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are changing from I really had problems emailing you with that service:-) Google is great. Yahoo sometimes even has problems with Starband which is the satellite we have.

Looks like you are having a great "full time" experience so far. Don't know your travel plans, but there is always a free hookup at our farm in Kansas and if you are on the Texas coast in the winter, come by Aransas Pass just east of Corpus Christi. We'll take you fishing:-)