Monday, August 3, 2009

Quinsippi Island

Recently we had heard that a group of people had volunteered to "fix-up" the cabins on Quinsippi Island. Quinsippi Island is part of the Quincy Park District and in the late sixties and early seventies was developed to be a tourist attraction. Quincy is only 17 miles north of Hannibal MO and all the Mark Twain attractions. The city and park district thought it would try to lore people north to Quincy with a sky ride from the river front to the island, a marina, log cabin village, steam locomotive, and if I remember correctly it also had a petting zoo.
It did not happen. They built it and they did not come. But Quinsippi Island remains.

Now as then, to get to the island by car you must cross this one lane bridge.
It is a challenge for the boaters after a long day on the hot river.

Just before the bridge there is the home of the Great River Sky Club.
They put on weekly shows. It has been years since I have seen a show. At that time it was fun show with lots of trick skiing and acrobatic moves.

Also, there is an antique car collection in one of the buildings before the bridge. At one time they asked my father if he would put his 1931 Chevrolet car in the car exhibit, but he declined.

Now the primary purpose of the island is access to the two marinas. This is the lesser of the two as the main marina is a closed marina with limited access.

The island is also home of this plague in remembrance of the Potawatomi Indians that crossed the river here while on the way to a reservation.

The Mormon also crossed the river here while on their way west.

Next to the plague is this sign for Adams Landing. It is a collection of log buildings that were moved to the island as part of the effort to build up Quinsippi Island.

It is a pretty area and is a special place for Cindy and me.

There is a trail to the river.

It is about 200 yards long winding through a wooded area, then a brushy area before opening on to the river.

Looking north you see the railroad bridge...and south..

You see Quincy's river front and bridges.

Meanwhile, back at the cabins ....

It's Tony Orlando and Farrah Fawcett!

No it's Ken and Cindy. We were married in front of the Lord's Cabin in 1981!

The Lord's Cabin is still there and looking good! It will always hold a special place in my heart!

With love KP!


Anonymous said...

Neat place. We have some of those photos - lots of hair and a lot thinner:-)

It's good to see you both enjoying your RVing full time. We are hoping to get there in the next year or so.


Anonymous said...

Stop by on Sept 18, 2011 for the Frontier Settlement Day Civil War call to Arms. Displayers of tools and trades of the 1800's. Also on hand will be activities for the kids. 11 - 4 p.m.

Sarah Donley said...

While searching for information about the "Lords Cabin", I happened upon you blog, didn't know whose it was until I saw Cindy in the photo from your wedding! I am photographing a wedding Saturday here. Sarah Donley p.s. Cndy hasn't changed a bit!

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll stop by for the 5th Annual Frontier Settlement Day. Re-enactors, displays and demonstrations of life in the 1800's. The Free event will be held September 14, 2013 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. It would be nice if the Friends Group could get some re-enacting groups interested in visiting the island. The Clat Adams cabin was disassembled and money is being raised to re-assemble.

Bill Ridder said...

This was one of my favorite places. I always enjoyed taking the tram over.

Bill Ridder said...

This was always one of my favorite places. I enjoyed taking the sky tram over.

smilingscottsman said...

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Bill Ridder said...

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