Monday, February 8, 2010

EIU Boys in Q-Town

While Ken and I were visiting Kyle in Carlinville, Trevor and his EIU housemates visited Quincy.

I left plenty of food for them to warm up as needed while we were gone and they -almost- had an uneventful Friday evening.

Apparently sometime during the evening there was some shenanigans that resulted in a hole in our rec room drywall. Trevor knew that it was not a great idea to let Dad come home to a hole in the wall so he went in to the upstairs area where Ken is remodeling and found the materials to patch the wall. When we got home, rather than go ballistic about the wall, Ken was actually complementary to Trev on his drywall job. He was even pleased to see that Trevor had done a good job of cleaning up the tools after. Unfortunately, things went down hill fast after that. Apparently Trevor cleaned the tools in the bathroom sink which now was totally clogged!!

Here's what drywall putty looks like when it gets in the P-trap of the sink!!

It was really packed in there tight!! Luckily the P-trap stopped the putty and once Ken cleaned it out all was once again right with the world.

Saturday night was the annual Liesen Euchre Tournament and the reason the boys had driven over from Charleston. Ken went as Trevor's partner which meant that I became the designated driver for the evening. They called me for a ride shortly after midnight. Apparently their were 23 teams this year. Chris and Kevin had placed second in the tournament. Ken and Trevor did ok but not good enough to be 'in the money'. While Ken was ready to go home and put on his jammies, the boys were primed to keep the night going and so I dropped them off at the Phoenix, one of the clubs in Quincy with a late-hours license.

Ken hadn't drank much so he took over the designated driver duties at that point and ended up picking the guys up in two shifts, one about 1:30am and then the rest at about 4:30am. Since Quincy has no taxi service after midnight, if you don't want partying family and friends out drinking and driving this is about the only option. Ken doesn't mind since its only once in a great while and they do seem to have a great time in Quincy.

When I got up in the morning, there were bodies covered by my assortment of Grandma quilts strung out about the rec room.

I knew the guys were hosting a Superbowl party backing in Charleston so I left the dogs down to start digging them out at about 10:30.

Sounds like they all had a great time but weren't exactly thrilled about facing the day after.

Things were pretty quiet around the breakfast table!

We got them on their way about 11:30 and then Ken and I settled in for a quiet afternoon. We treated ourselves to a shrimp cocktail appetizer during the SuperBowl along with some chili. It hadn't been a great weekend for sleeping so we were both ready to hit the sack as soon as the game was over.

Hugs, C

PS. For the person who asked in the blog comments how Weight Watchers was going. Kyle has now lost 20.6 lbs since the New Year started. In my five weeks on the program, I've now lost 11.4 lbs. We are both well on our way to meeting our targets by the November wedding! ...and...thanks for asking!!


Doug & JoAnn said...

Hooray for you on your weight loss!!!!

roamingwhenwecan said...

Yikes, I remember those days with the kids in the house...its fun, but you never know whats next.
Congrats on the weight loss. Wish I could do it.