Thursday, February 18, 2010

Renovating Breakfast

While Ken is working on remodeling the upstairs I continue to work on 'remodeling' myself along with challenging son, Kyle, to so the same by sticking to the Weight Watchers program.

As of the 6th complete week on program, Kyle has lost 25 lbs and I have lost 12.

We are both working hard to make this is a permanent lifestyle change, not just a diet.

One thing that means is renovating some of our traditional eating practices.

Ken and I have always believed in starting the day with a good breakfast but it is also easy for that to get out of hand in terms of points when you add fatty meats such as sausages, multiple eggs, potatoes and toast.

I didn't want to deprive Ken or not be able to still sit down together to start our day with breakfast so I worked out a compromise.

What I have found is that I can still eat with Ken, while he has his 'big breakfast'. I have simply changed over my meal to be primarily high protein for energy and fiber for feeling full with less.

The trick for me has been to change our eggs over to a special egg scramble I make. One serving is only 2 points and is really big.

I take one whole egg (that's where the 2 points come from) and one egg white and scramble well along with a splash of water. Eliminating the other egg yolk not only halved the points but also is a good step for watching our cholesterol.

Sox is especially fond of this renovation of reducing the egg yolk since she now gets the yolks as a special morning treat. (Do take in to account the pros/cons of raw egg for your furkids before doing this. Click here for related article).

She apparently can hear me crack that first egg from anywhere in the house and is immediately at my feet reminding me that she's ready for her share. And, if you are wondering why I'm giving only Sox this added treat, its because Ditka is allergic to poultry items. He doesn't get left out though because when I put Sox in one room to enjoy her egg yolk, Ditka positions himself by the refrigerator to remind me that he expects a treat as well which usually comes in the form of a small piece of cheese -- just to insure fair treatment across Frericks puppydom. If I walk past him and go back to finishing the eggs, he'll usually be patient for about a minute before he starts to whine. Amazing how quickly they pick up on a routine!!

I spray our electric skillet with butter spray and sautee mushrooms along with an ample supply of onions and peppers. This doesn't need to be time-consuming since Birds-Eye makes a Pepper Stir Fry that you can use straight out of the freezer. I also chop my mushrooms in advance and put them in the freezer to use for this purpose as well. (Such frozen mushrooms are only good for cooking, not for use on fresh items such as salad).

Using plenty of these veggies provides a lot of volume and flavor without any added points.

Once the onions are translucent and the mushrooms browned I pour the egg mixture over.

I like to add some Mrs Dash and a little salt of pepper.

When the eggs are nearly done I put a little sprinkle of 2% grated cheese on top and let it melt.

The portions I've mentioned above are for one serving. I usually have to double for Ken and I both.

Ken likes to add a dollop of salsa.

The eggs from beginning to end can be completed in about 5 minutes so its not taking lots of time in the kitchen.

This along with a whole orange makes a very filling 3 point breakfast for me. It's amazing how much more filling a whole orange is for 1 point than my prior 8 oz class of OJ at 2 points.

My skinny husband still likes to add his meat, potatoes and toast but I find we can sit down together with this combination and both be quite happy with this breakfast together while I stay comfortably 'on program'.

Everybody in the house is pleased with this breakfast renovation, even the dogs!!

Hugs, C


Margie M. said...

Nothing like a good breakfast to get you ready for the day and to get your metabolism awake and moving. I liked your recipe.

Frerx Adventures said...

Thanks, Margie!

I check in on every one of your 'Healthy Living through Weight Control' blog posts and you've been very helpful!! Hope to meet you down the road!!!

Theresa Leffew said...

If you would like meat with that breakfast, you should try turkey sausage. Jimmie Dean makes a good precooked link or pattie. It works well for my breakfasts.