Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kyle's House with the "Jenni Touch"!

Friday, Ken and I braved the ominous weather predictions, and travelled to Springfield, IL, for our appointment with Green Motors to have a recall taken care of on the Audi.

The timing of the work being completed was perfect for us to do lunch at Olive Garden. This time I was prepared and knew how many weight watchers points to expect. Ken and I did the unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks but I had the waitress bring the salad dressing on the side. They do offer a fat free version of their signature dressing that I ordered, while Ken had the regular dressing. I couldn't tell the difference in taste but it sure does make a big difference in points.

We then got back on the road to make an overnight visit to Kyle's house in Carlinville. We planned the Audi appointment and the visit so that we could see Kyle's Freshman team, Piasa High School, play their last game. Unfortunately, we were nearly to Carlinville when Kyle called to say that all games for the weekend were cancelled due to the snowstorm. The snow was starting to come down heavier and so our timing of getting to their house by mid-day worked out just about right.

The house really looks different now that Jenni has added her decorating touches. Since the last time we were there, they painted the guest bedroom that had been empty and set it up nicely for guests.

Guest bedroom with Jenni's decorating touches

My intent was to have Ken cook salmon for Kyle and Jenni for dinner but when we got to the store they didn't have any fillets we liked. Since we were both tired, and Kyle and I both had plenty of Weightwatchers points saved up for the week, we decided it was just all falling in to place to go out to eat instead. This allowed Ken and I an hour or so to nap/watch TV with Staley before the kids got home from work.

After dinner we went back to the house and just chilled out there, having a few drinks, and playing Wii.

Explaining to Grandpuppy Staley that she is not getting my Pinot Grigio

Ken Wii bowling

Jenni on the PC, We were previewing music for the wedding ceremony as we played Wii

Saturday morning, since we didn't have a basketball game to go to, Ken cooked breakfast.

Jenni gets her wish - Ken's famous 'big breakfast'

After that Ken and Kyle did a 'honey do', putting up a neat antique medicine cabinet that Jenny had found at a second-hand store. It will make a great little spice cabinet in the kitchen.

Ken and Kyle putting up the spice cabinet

Testing the height of the spice cabinet, yes it is acceptable "Jenni-height"

The final product

Since Ken hadn't slept well the night before (he really has trouble sleeping on a flat bed), we left just before noon so that we could get home and get a nap.

That's all for now. I'll cover the EIU boy's visit in the next post.

Hugs, C