Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting Some Attention!

Note: I’ve posted a couple of times today so you may want to check the prior post as well!

Thought it interesting that the Natchez MS Tourism website found our blog.  He emailed to ask if he could mention us. 

Below is the blurb they currently have on their home page.  (Copied it here since he updates the tourism web page often so linking would be short-lived!)

What I find particularly hilarious is that he used a picture of a coach about 10 times out of our league!!


RV Adventures

Recreational Vehicle

The Frericks' (how the heck do you say that) just blogged about what a great time they had Coming to Natchez in their RV!  Stay at one of several outstanding RV Parks, take your pick of dining, and fill your day seeing antebellum homes and other attractions - not to mention getting one of the most panoramic views of the Mississippi River anywhere!  Thanks to the Frericks' for reminding me of one of the most popular ways to see Natchez - in an RV!  Come in on the Natchez Trace, the Blues Highway 61 or the East-West Corridor 84. (See our How to Get Here page.)  We also have a listing of RV Parks and Campsites, as well as an Attractions page. Now you're all set!


It’s nice to know that we are being found in ‘search engines’ by folks like this and that when they find us they like what they are reading!

Hugs, C


Anonymous said...

GO YOU!!!!

Paul and Mary said...

That's the coach the good people of Natchez are sending you!

Levonne said...

I'm looking forward to following your adventure. Join me at

Frerx Adventures said...

Boy, I like the way you think, Nat!! Hopefully they'll have it to us by October so we can show it off to you at Defeated Creek!! ;-)
Hey, Lisa, does Carthage have a tourism bureau?!?!?! ;-)
Thanks, for following, Levonne. I've checked out your blog and added to my list so will be following your pursuit and hoping your California Odyssey becomes a wonderful success for you!

Hugs, C

Paul and Marti Dahl said...


We started reading your excellent blog after we met you at the RV-Dreams rally. You do an amazing job at making everything so interesting.

Keep up the good work!