Saturday, May 15, 2010

GROSS!! That was in your foot?!?!

Ok, if you look back it’s been weeks now since we were at Betty’s RV Park. During our stay there, while Ken was walking the dogs, he had a palmetto leaf spear the side of his foot, right in the soft tender part of the arch. He’d pulled it out and neither he nor I could see anything else under the skin. However, what started out looking like nothing more that a pin prick got really sore.

Over the next several days, Ken and I both attempted to find something in the wound that was causing the pain but to no avail. Ken simply kept antibiotic on it and we went on our way.

He continued to complain about how tender that part of his foot remained and it developed a nice little lump. Since he sometimes seems to take longer than normal to heal from wounds, I admit, I wrote it off to yet another of the negatives of his health issues.

I did some checking online to see if saw palmetto leaves contained anything that could cause infection but it seemed that instead all I could find were all the medically advantageous applications of this plant so that apparently wasn’t the problem.

When we returned to Quincy, Ken pulled out the good old fashioned drawing salve (yes, we are definitely believers in the natural old-school remedies) and started applying to the wound. It had been over two weeks and we hadn’t seen anything under the skin on his foot so I didn’t expect much.

Last night after supper, Ken said, “Hey, come take a look at this.” A blister had formed over the wound on his foot. When Ken broke it, out popped this big thorn.


I was amazed that he had been walking on this thing for weeks now!! I also have renewed confidence in the value of drawing salve considering this thing was so deep we couldn’t see any of it even with a magnifying glass. That stuff really works!

Needless, to say, next time my man says “I’ve got a splinter”, I’ll take him seriously!!

Hugs, C


JB said...


Happytrails said...

Curious minds need to know....what is drawing salve? Where do you buy it? It sounds like something everyone should have in their medicine chest.

Glad that thing is out. It had to hurt.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Cindy said...


Ken said he's found it in Quincy drug stores. The one he's got is a brand called Prid. I found it online at
for you see see example.

Hugs, C

Jim and Dee said...

We have that drawing salve in our stash of meds. It's wonderful! My mom used it quite often when we were kids and I found it at a store many years ago. I'm glad you thought of it and got that splinter out of Ken's foot.