Sunday, May 16, 2010

Remodel Update

While we were on our 8-week adventure, Ken’s friend, Bo, dropped by now and then to continue progress on our 2nd floor remodeling.


As a result, the master bath update is proceeding nicely.  We have almost all of the painting done, the wainscoting in place, and the glass doors in the shower area.

Ken added a vent fan/light combination that is both brighter and quieter.

Since this picture, one change we’ve all agreed to is adding one more piece of white trim above the inset tile on the 1/2 wall. We need a break between the colorful tile and the colorful granite top.




Ken jumped back in to the work quickly.  He’d put the new vanity in place before we left, but now that we were back, called for the granite countertop to be delivered and then installed the new faucets and lighting.    The directional lighting is wonderful for getting just the right amount of light and positioning before the mirror.


Without a doubt, my favorite upgrade is the granite countertop and white inset bowl.  It had taken many months before I found the slab with the right combination of shades to coordinate with the tile  and I’m really happy with the result.


Bo worked very hard at matching the wood work and wainscoting stain to the wood and wainscoting on the new vanity cabinet.







Ken and Bo continue the cottage-style theme that we did a few years ago on the main floor with the combination of natural and painted woodwork.



The guys will be taking a break next week while Ken goes to Springfield, MO, with his brother Michael to visit his brother Alan.  I’ll have a few days for ‘pink’  jobs and girlie stuff like lunch dates with friends and sisters.

After that it will be back to work upstairs with woodwork and hardwood flooring major projects to come in the rest of the second floor.

Hugs, C

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