Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Mrs. Frericks!

Last week, our son, Trevor, married the beautiful love of his life, Leah Sobut, at her home  in Palos Park, IL.


Here’s our new family of six. 6 months ago we were only 4 so our world is changing quickly.


We had a lovely dinner after the ceremony.  Trev provided the food and drink for immediate family, and a few close friends.  Leah’s Mom, Amy, provided the location in their lovely family home.


Grandma Sobut, at 94 years old, is thrilled to have Trevor in her family and they have become very attached.


There was a really elegant wedding cake from a local Polish bakery.  It was absolutely the best tasting wedding cake I’ve ever tasted with a wonderful strawberry filling.


Leah’s ring is gorgeous.  Trevor had a setting custom designed to show off the 2.4 carat diamond handed down from Leah’s great-grandmother. It has an equal number of carats spread in smaller diamonds around the band.


It does a heart good to see our baby boy so happy!


Hugs, C


Hembree said...

Congratulations Frericks!!! Gorgeous ring...gorgeous cake...gorgeous couple...

Nancy and Bill said...

Beautiful Family...Wonderful Day...Happy Children!!

Life is Good !!!!!!!

Leno said...

What a happy occasion. Congrats to all!!

Gail and Rick said...

congratulations to the happy couple!

John and Sandy said...

Congratulations to all!!! What a beautiful expanding family you have; you are truly blessed.