Friday, May 13, 2011

Frericks Fab Five Fotos

As mentioned in the previous post, I thought it  a good time to review our longest adventure yet, our trip to the Southwest.

Part of who I am is keenly entrenched in Socrates statement “An unexamined life is not worth living”.

While Socrates was applying that statement at a very deep level, I have found most satisfaction and success in life when I can apply it to everyday life.  As a project leader, it means a constant observation and evaluation of what works and what doesn’t in given situations and using that knowledge for continuous improvement.  In our travels, it’s a similar observation and evaluation of what brought the most pleasure, satisfaction and meaning to us in our adventures and how to make more of that in those adventures that come.

In reviewing the pictures, I learned a lot about what parts of the trip really stood out as special for me.  In fact, if I were to focus on pictures from moments that gave us most pleasure and satisfaction, I would be boring you, my beloved readers with a lot of similar pictures of folks  sitting around the table enjoying getting to know each other better over good food.  While those pictures bring back treasured memories for Ken and me, they don’t mean much to those who weren’t present.

We also got great satisfaction from getting to know the plants and animals of the region and have many photos of these.  Of course, these tend to me more ‘factual’ pictures.  We have enough pictures like that that I could do a lengthy instructional slideshow just on Southwest plants and animals.  These photos seem to be pretty much of what you’d pull from a field guide, so again, they mean a lot to us, but pretty boring to the reader.

Our hikes and our jeep trips stood out as well, but our photos of those days didn’t really catch the essence of the adventure.

So please understand that our Fab Five Fotos were picked not based on what we observed to be our favorite times but instead based on the photos that we think capture the essence of what we enjoyed in this adventure, capturing the beauty and diversity of what we saw along the way, in a way that we think might help share the feeling in the photo. 

That said, we actually have about 20 photos that really bring back the feeling of this gorgeous part of the country so while I’m showing five today, tomorrow I’d probably pick a different five that fit my mood!

Fab Five No. 5:  Diversity in the Desert, Why, AZ


No. 4:  Saguaro reaching toward the full moon at our boondocking site outside Quartzsite, AZ


No. 3:  Red Rocks of Sedona 


No. 2: Sunset from our site in Rodeo, NM


No. 1:  My ‘cowboy’ taking in the view across the Borrego Badlands.


Hugs, C

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Nancy and Bill said...

Those are some VERY SPECIAL photos!!