Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Brings Baby Showers

This past weekend, there was a baby shower for Leah in Quincy.

Jenni and Kyle arrived Friday evening and Leah and her mother drove down from Chicago Saturday afternoon.  We treated them to some old-fashioned home cookin’ Saturday evening with pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted carrots, fried apples and peach cobbler for dessert.

The shower was a luncheon at the Pier Restaurant which has a nice view of the river and Quincy bridges.

Here’s Leah outside the restaurant with shower hostesses Lois (Trevor’s godmother), Cousin Erin, and sister-in-law Jenni.


The tables were beautifully decorated with fresh fruits and flowers and lots of pretty ‘baby boy blue’ touches.


Jenni provided some very nicely decorated and tasty cupcakes.


Jenni had put together a nice little scrapbook with slots for cards from the guests where they could each provide a note of baby advice.  As usual the Pier provided a very nice lunch and our family provided lots of chatter!

Here’s Erin seated with Aunt’s Mary, Cindy, Kay and Jean.


And, the ‘Duesterhaus side of the family (clockwise from 7:00) Aunt Betty, cousin Peggy, Aunt Judy, cousin Laurie, cousin Sheila, cousin Darlene, Aunt Kathleen and cousin Deanna.


Leah ready to dig in to her gifts.


These showers are a real education for me.  For example, one of the gifts was an Angel Care Breathing Monitor.  I never knew such a thing existed.   What a great idea!    This little guys is going to be one decked out little man with all the awesome clothes and gadgets.  Of course, I’m sure one of Leah’s favorites was the baby bib that say “My Mom is Hot”!

Thanks to the hostesses!  Everyone seemed to have a really nice time.

Hugs, C

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Nancy and Bill said...

What an exciting time for all of you!! Becoming a grandparent is so special!!