Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chicago, Quincy, Kankakee, and Detroit


After our babysitting weekend I had planned to go to Carlinville to work on my son Kyle's house.  However, his wife Jenni was sick with a sinus infection so I told them I would do it at a later date.  So now I had three unplanned days.  Well if your me and you have unscheduled time what to do what to do?  I did my favorite thing not much.

After driving back to Quincy, I cleaned and washed the RV.  That took all of Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I did a little yard work and played cards with a buddy of mine. Thursday did laundry and did some repacking of the RV before heading to St. Louis to pick up Cindy.

Friday was Cindy’s hair and nails day and then a visit with her sister.  Me it was some errands and another card game.

Saturday we drove to Kankakee River State Park for the night.  We called Trevor and Leah and they met us in Frankfort for dinner at  a nice Italian restaurant called Francesca’s.  The food was excellent! Leah and Trevor had been there before so Leah ordered some of their really good appetizers with some risotto to share.  We had wine with dinner then some of us had a cappuccino for dessert. 

Sunday morning we continued our drive to Detroit area.  We arrived early enough to explore a different route from the RV park to Cindy’s place of work.  The GPS was taking us onto the interstate for a few mile before exiting again.  The problem with this route was that there were two lanes in the on ramp joining three lanes on the interstate so it was five lanes quickly reduced to three lanes.  Every morning this intersection was a mess.  We found two other ways that were both faster and much less stressful than the interstate.  So it was well worth the time it took to find these routes and once again you can not always trust the GPS.

So Monday morning I took Cindy to work and got back in time for these early morning pictures.





JB said...

Ahhh the life of a kept man.

Actually sounds a lot like mine, only problem Brenda is working all around me so the guilt does work on me from time to time.

BUT, I am working on that and have a pretty good handle on it now after 18 or so months.

Jim and Dee said...

I'm glad you're settled in Detroit. Be safe and blog when you can. Things are starting to settled here, only have 2 more weeks and we'll be headed to Florida till April.