Monday, October 17, 2011

Detroit …. Actually Novi and Farmington Hills Area

A typical day here is up at six. While Cindy gets ready I make coffee, then a short walk with the dogs, and then fix a couple eggs for Cindy’s breakfast.  We usually leave the RV around seven. It takes twenty five to thirty minutes to get to her place of work depending on traffic.  So I am usually back at the RV by eight or eight fifteen.  We found a way to get to her office avoiding the Interstate using city streets. It is a lot less stressful and no traffic jams.

After I get back to the RV is when I cleanup,  fix my breakfast, watch the news I recorded, and take the dogs for a longer walk. By then it is ten o’clock or so and time for a nap.  Ah the life of a kept man!  After my nap it is time to eat again.  Most days I will eat leftovers at the RV but occasionally I will run to town to eat with Cindy.  She found a small Thai restaurant that has great food and good service, so it has become a favorite lunch stop.

In the afternoon it’s another walk with the dogs and chores of some kind or other before leaving to pick up Cindy.  About half the nights we eat at the RV the other half we eat out somewhere. That’s the fun part of the day. We had never been to a Red Robin so we had to check them out.  But the best was one night when we made a wrong turn and ended up across the street from a strip mall.  Cindy can spot a restaurant any where and she spotted one in that strip mall, and it was a good one.  It was an Italian restaurant called Maisanos (I am learning…you just witnessed my first link!).   It is a small nicely decorated family restaurant with the owner hanging around a small bar greeting people as they came and went.   Cindy is much better at choosing wines and again she picked a good one.  With the wine we had our appetizers of soup and then our meal.  This restaurant is known for the sauces they use on the entrees but the soups were excellent also.  One of the best meals we have ever had at any price.

On Friday night, we went to a play at the local playhouse.  The Farmington Players (#2 link…. not a virgin anymore!) presented To Kill A Mockingbird.  The young girl that played “Scout” the daughter of the stories hero was spell binding, she was that good.  The playhouse is in a converted barn so it has a unique appearance from the outside.  The stage and seating were nicely arranged with comfortable seating and good acoustics.  It was a nice evening.

Cindy had heard from the people she worked with that there was a minor league hockey team in the area and that they were fun to watch.  So on Saturday evening we watched our first hockey game.  The Plymouth Whalers play at Compuware Arena in Plymouth MI which is only 10 to 12 miles from the RV park.

Cool Logo!

It was Pink Out! night at the hockey game and the home team were wearing pink and black jerseys and the crowd was encouraged to wear pink.  At the entrance to the arena anyone who wanted could get their hair painted pink … Cindy said she would do it if I would and I politely used the excuse that we were going out to eat afterwards. 



The opposing team had a keeper with the name of Hope and wore the number one.  So we teased that they had only one Hope and later when he was substituted out we teased that now they had no hope!  It was a great game, the Whalers took an early 3-0 lead in the first part of the game and had a lot more shots on goal.  But the visiting team came out with a more determined attack and out shot the home team sending the game to overtime, then eventually winning the game.   An exciting game!  Now Cindy wants to go to a pro game!  Before we do that we will need to figure out that blue line .. we determined that it had something to do with offside but not exactly.  Good times!!

Next week will be a short week as Cindy will work while I drive and we head to Eastern Illinois for Football on their homecoming weekend!



JB said...

Simple the puck must cross the blue line before a player on the attacking team does, or it is offside.

JB said...

And here is a better explanation

Frerx Adventures said...

Thanks JB your explaination was easier to understand than the one in wikipedia!